Gemstone Jewelry For Phobia And Fear

The condition of phobias and fears may sound and look simple to anyone who doesn’t suffer from it but ask those who face various phobias and fears. Well, they will tell you how complicated tackling the phobias and fears is! While phobias are surely related to our emotions and mental state, they can create physical hazards for us in the long run. You will understand the same when you take a closer look at understanding phobias and fears. 

Phobias & Fears – A Quick Glance

Phobias or fears, in their simplest form can be explained as anxiety disorder conditions in which people develop extreme fear for specific things or situations. The same can invite drastic behavioural as well as physiological and psychological changes in the sufferer. 

Various Common Phobias 

Phobias are broadly divided into three groups including the Social phobia, Agoraphobia and Specific phobias. The common fears/phobias falling into these groups include the following: 
  1. Fear of height
  2. fear of water
  3. Fear of flying
  4. fear of thunder and lightning
  5. fear of being alone
  6. fear of spiders
  7. fear of confined or crowded spaces.
  8. fear of blood
Most surprising, this list doesn’t stop here only! It goes on and on! 

Use Gemstones and Crystals for Phobias and Fears 

While the medical treatments and advice is available for dealing phobias, there is one more way to deal such situations. The use of crystals and gems for dealing fears! However, we would like to mention that crystal therapy should only be used as a supportive therapy and not as a substitute for your medical prescription or advice. 

People all over the world rely upon gemstones and crystals for treating various disorders and illnesses. it is strongly believed that the use of right gems can help reduce phobias to a great extent. The logic behind the same is that the crystals contain superb positive energies which provide strength to the wearer and give them the courage to tackle different types of phobias. 

Let us now find out that which crystal or gemstone is best for dealing fearful conditions of phobias.

Prehnite – The best Crystal to Deal Phobias & Fear

Prehnite is indeed the best gemstone for phobias. It is a healing crystal and is known as the “Stone of Unconditional Love” too. It comes with a lovely pearly lustre and fracture that is irregular. Available in colors like pale green to yellowish shade, colorless variety, white, blue and pink, the prehnite crystal provides various benefits to its wearer as mentioned below: 
  1. People do suffer from nightmares. They have the phobia that whenever they will sleep, they will get to see disturbing nightmares. This thinking disturbs their sleeping pattern and the lack of sleep leads to various other diseases. Using prehnite helps keep nightmares away as the crystal provides peace and relaxation to the wearer. The same helps calm down the anxiousness that occurs with phobia. 
  2. Wearing the prehnite jewelry helps you improve your memory power too. It is a superb gem for people who have weak memory and recollection power. The gemstone improves recollection and helps you remember things in a better way. 
  3. Prehnite is also considered as a great crystal for meditation and forecast. Giving you peaceful and focused mediation, the crystal helps you gain immense mental strength so that you can deal with your specific phobias. 
  4. If you want to connect with your inner self, prehnite will support the same. It will also guide you in your complicated mental states. 
  5. Use this gemstone to calm down excessive aggression. 
  6. Prehnite crystal can also be used to strengthen and improve the power of intuition. 
  7. One can also get many physical benefits by using this gem. The prehnite gem is known as a great option for dealing anemia. It is also strongly believed that the use of prehnite jewelry helps strengthen the power of immunity. The gem also aids detoxification of body and provides improved metabolism. 

Prehnite Gemstone Jewelry for Phobia and Fears is a Must Buy!

Looking at the facts above, we are sure that many of you must be planning to buy prehnite jewelry. Gemexi serves you with original and natural gemstones and gemstone jewelry that includes amazing patterns, best quality as well as price! Check out our range of prehnite jewelry for dealing phobias and fears. We bet, you would love using our crystals and jewelry for specific purposes!
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