Gemstone Jewelry For Memory Improvement

Good Memory is like the retention of information over a period which works like storage of detailing at some corner of the mind and could be retrieved any time required. 

Significance of Good Memory:

The inference of good remembrance helps in various ways:
  1. •   An impression of what Grand ma’s have done on different occasions leads to passing down culture.
  2. •    Remembering names, facts, dates events, etc. helps uplift confidence in us.
  3. •    Nevertheless, good memory helps in scorecards.
Just a few examples as they are endless.  

At times many people tend to forget the words while speaking something important, looks a little embarrassing. And so is the case, when we forget the scheduled activities.

Students forget their answers maybe due to nervousness sometimes.

Well, it is a little upsetting, but we move on with no choices.

Can we not do something about it? Of course, we can.


Using Gemstones Help Enhance Memory

Gemstones help in memory enhancement. They act like a beacon which brings immense confidence in an individual. We must remember nature gives us immense number of things that we may not have explored in full. One is Gemstone. It helps heal the body & mind. Different stones emit different energies and are associated with different powers. The qualities are eternal. If you are looking for the best stone for memory, you would be glad to know that there are many options to choose from!


Best Crystals for Memory Improvement:

Let us discuss the best crystals for improving memory. 
  1. 1.    Carnelian: 

One of the best crystals for memory loss, Carnelian is a brownish red, semi-precious translucent to opaque gemstone from the mineral family of chalcedony. It restores vitality, revives creativity, enhances leadership quality, add fearlessness.
Nonetheless, Egyptians consider the stone for fertility and connect it with feminine energy. Additionally, the less expensive semi-precious stone has loads & loads of natural upscaling attributes.
  1. 2.    Cinnabar: 

Are you looking for crystals for memory and study? Try Cinnabar! It is a beautiful brick red color sone that is also called the transformation stone.  It helps in physical & mental healing, upscales memory, helps in wisdom, nourishing & rejuvenation, breaks addiction, decisiveness, growth, stress relief, self-discovery and much more.
  1. 3.    Quartz: 

One of the most popular crystals to clear the mind, Quartz is the most abundantly found mineral on our planet. It comes in various attractive shades like white, grey, purple, yellow, brown, black, pink, green & red. Quartz also helps in developing attributes like independence, prosperity and abundance. Not only this, it works like an amazing cleanser. It cleanses the subtle body & organs and helps in romantic relationship.
  1. 4.    Emerald: 

Emerald is our next popular gemstone for memory! Known as the ‘the Stone of Prosperity’, it represents the planet Mercury and helps its wearer gain uncountable attributes like intelligence, amazing memory, good fortune, social status, wealth, happiness and immense self-confidence.
  1. 5.    Fluorite:

One can also use the beautiful Fluorite gemstone for memory power. It has amazing abilities to absorb negative energies. Hence, should be used to get rid of negativities and a regular cleansing of the stone could be done afterwards. So, it works like a cleanser. Importantly, it channelizes the divine energies helps in focusing and provides mental clarity along with ease in decisiveness. 

  1. 6.    Moss Agate: 

Moss Agate cleanses the aura and balances the inner self. It is a stone that helps in nurturing relationships, good health, academics, memory imporvement and much more. 

  1. 7.    Pyrite: 

           Pyrite is a very powerful stone. It works like a shield and protects us from all the negativities      around. Apart from strengthening the memory power, it helps articulate & communicate innovative ideas.
  1. 8.    Rhodochrosite:

Also known as the ‘Stone of Love’, Rhodochrosite helps release past psychological burdens and add to mental health along with a positive &enthusiastic attitude. It also stimulates circulation and helps maintain blood pressure. 

Our Wide & Alluring Jewelry Range for Memory Improvement:

Healing gemstones work like a perfect gadget to the body. Wearing them in form of captivating jewelry is another feather added to the cap! Buy the most charismatic gemstone jewelry for memory improvingat Gemexi. Our range of jewelry consists of original gemstones and stunning designs.
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