The Scenic Spectrum of Southwestern Turquoise: A Journey through 60 Remarkable Varieties

By Gemexi Team | Turquoise
  • Updated On Jun 23, 2023
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The Scenic Spectrum of Southwestern Turquoise: A Journey through 60 Remarkable Varieties

  1. Number 8 Turquoise: Emanating from the Number 8 mine in Nevada, this turquoise is famed for its golden, brown, or black spiderweb matrix contrasted with a blue-green background.
  2. Burnham Turquoise: This turquoise variety, hailing from the Burnham Mines in Nevada, is recognized for its striking brown matrix set against a bright blue color.
  3. Stampede Turquoise: Sourced from the Stampede mine in Nevada, it displays a distinctive green hue complemented by a dark matrix, offering a rustic charm.
  4. Carlin Turquoise: Mined from the Carlin mine in Nevada, this turquoise captivates with its color palette that swings from green to deep blue, embedded within a riveting matrix.
  5. Timberline Turquoise: Harvested from the Timberline mine in Nevada, this turquoise is celebrated for its beautiful blue-green color variations.
  6. Stormy Mountain Turquoise: Known for its bright blue color contrasted by a stormy, dark matrix, this turquoise originates from the Stormy Mountain mine in Nevada.
  7. Damele Turquoise: Sourced from Nevada, Damele turquoise is unique for its color range varying from green to yellow, spotted with an alluring brown or black matrix.
  8. Indian Mountain Turquoise: This turquoise variety from the Indian Mountain mine in Nevada is famous for its intricate black or golden matrix against a light blue or greenish backdrop.
  9. Blue Gem Turquoise: Extracted from Nevada, Blue Gem turquoise displays a varied palette of blues and greens, solidifying its status as a classic American turquoise.
  10. Broken Arrow Turquoise: Mined in Nevada, Broken Arrow turquoise exhibits a vibrant green color, earning a unique place in both traditional and contemporary jewelry designs.
  11. Carico Lake Turquoise: Originating from a dried-up lake bed in Lander County, Nevada, this turquoise is known for its unique lime-green to blue-green colors.
  12. Blue Ridge Turquoise: Mined in Nevada, Blue Ridge turquoise captivates with its deep blue color combined with a darker blue matrix, echoing the hues of a serene mountain ridge.
  13. Dry Creek Turquoise: Named after the mine situated on the Shoshone Indian Reservation near Battle Mountain, Nevada, Dry Creek turquoise is known for its unique, pale blue color.
  14. Fox Turquoise: Fox turquoise from Nevada is recognized for its hardness and range of colors, presenting itself in shades of green or blue with a black or brown matrix.
  15. Lander Blue Turquoise: One of the world's rarest turquoises, Lander Blue turquoise, showcases a deep blue color paired with a black spiderweb matrix and is mined in Lander County, Nevada.
  16. Morning Star Turquoise: Originating from the Morning Star mine in Nevada, this turquoise is prized for its blue hues highlighted by a silver or gold matrix.
  17. Red Mountain Turquoise: From the Red Mountain Mine in Nevada, this turquoise variety is appreciated for its reddish-brown matrix set against a rich blue background.
  18. Nevada Blue Turquoise: True to its name, this variety from the Nevada Blue mine showcases a striking range of blues, from sky blue to dark blue.
  19. Goober Turquoise: Renowned for its exquisite green color and unique matrix, Goober turquoise hails from the Goober mine in Nevada.
  20. McGinnis Turquoise: The McGinnis mine of Nevada offers turquoise that enthralls with its bright blue or green hues paired with a lovely golden-brown matrix.
  21. Blue Diamond Turquoise: The Blue Diamond mine in Nevada produces this turquoise variety, famous for its dark blue color and a black matrix.
  22. Smokey Valley Turquoise: This turquoise comes from the Smokey Valley mine in Nevada. It showcases a brilliant blue color reminiscent of a clear desert sky.
  23. Emerald Valley Turquoise: Displaying a stunning range of blues and greens, the Emerald Valley turquoise originates from the Emerald Valley mine in Nevada.
  24. Darling Darlene Turquoise: The Darling Darlene mine in Nevada produces turquoise known for its greenish-blue color, beautifully contrasted with a brown or black matrix.
  25. Ajax Turquoise: Sourced from the Ajax mine in Nevada, this turquoise features a light to medium green color with a unique matrix, adding to its charm.
  26. Candelaria Turquoise: Known for its high quality and hardness, the Candelaria turquoise comes from the Candelaria Hills of Nevada. It exhibits a beautiful blue color, often without a matrix.
  27. Hidden Valley Turquoise: Mined in the Hidden Valley in Nevada, this turquoise exhibits unique variations of green and blue colors, encased in a dark, webbed matrix.
  28. Easter Blue Turquoise: Extracted from the Easter Blue mine in Nevada, this turquoise is cherished for its soft blue color accented with a light matrix.
  29. Pilot Mountain Turquoise: The Pilot Mountain mine in Nevada produces a turquoise variety that displays a wide range of colors from blue to green, along with a distinctive dark matrix.
  30. Lone Mountain Turquoise: The Lone Mountain mine in Nevada produces turquoise renowned for its clear, deep-blue color. High in value due to its hardness and consistency, this turquoise is among the most sought-after in the Southwest.
  31. Black Web Gem: This distinctive turquoise, named for its dark web-like matrix, is mined from the Black Web mine in Arizona. Its deep green and blue hues make it a gem worth collecting.
  32. Dyer Blue: Mined from the Dyer Blue mine in Nevada, this turquoise displays a sky bluecolor with a darker matrix, giving it a unique character.
  33. Crow Springs: Known for its light green to blue hues with a distinct brown matrix, Crow Springs turquoise is mined from the Crow Springs mine in Nevada.
  34. Blue Moon: Originating from the Blue Moon mine in Nevada, this turquoise displays a broad range of green and blue hues, often accompanied by a beautiful black or brown matrix.
  35. Cheyenne: The Cheyenne mine in Nevada offers a turquoise known for its green color range, oftentimes accentuated by a dark matrix.
  36. Royston: Royston turquoise, sourced from the Royston mining district in Nevada, is famous for its wide color range from deep green to rich, light blues set in a heavy brown matrix.
  37. Apache Blue: Known for its brilliant blue color with a dark veining, Apache Blue turquoise is mined from the Apache Blue mine in Nevada.
  38. San Bernardino: Extracted from the San Bernardino mine in California, this turquoise varies from light to dark blue, often paired with an intricate, dark matrix.
  39. Nevada Royal Blue: Mined from the Nevada Royal Blue mine, this turquoise exhibits a striking deep blue color, embodying the essence of its name.
  40. Orvil Jack: Orvil Jack turquoise, named after the mine owner, is recognized for its unique bright green color. The mine is situated in the Crescent Valley of Nevada.
  41. Tenabo: This turquoise from the Tenabo mine in Nevada exhibits rich, varied blue hues with a dark matrix, creating an impressive visual contrast.
  42. Sahuarita: Mined in Sahuarita, Arizona, this turquoise presents a stunning range of green hues, adding depth and allure to the stone.
  43. Blue Bird: As its name suggests, Blue Bird turquoise, mined in Nevada, is cherished for its captivating sky-blue color.
  44. Bisbee: Bisbee turquoise is found in the Lavender Pit Mine in Bisbee, Arizona. Treasured for its unique deep blue color and chocolate brown matrix, it's one of the most coveted types of turquoise.
  45. Kingman: Kingman turquoise, sourced from the oldest active mine in Arizona - the Kingman Mine, is celebrated for its variety of colors from light blue to high blue, along with its distinct veining or matrix.
  46. Ithaca Peak: Extracted from the Kingman Mine in Arizona, Ithaca Peak turquoise is known for its high blue color combined with a distinctive black pyrite matrix that gives the stone a sparkling effect.
  47. Turquoise Mountain: Turquoise Mountain turquoise, from Arizona, is appreciated for its light to high blue color with a subtle matrix. Its colors beautifully encapsulate the imagery of the mountainous landscape.

  48. Hachita: The Hachita mine in New Mexico offers a turquoise variety renowned for its striking green to blue-green colors. The darker matrix enhances the stone's natural beauty.
  49. Castle Dome: Found in the Castle Dome mine in Arizona, this turquoise displays a beautiful, bright blue color with a less conspicuous matrix, drawing attention to the purity of its hues.
  50. Sleeping Beauty: Sourced from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona, this turquoise is loved for its uniform, vibrant blue color. Its lack of matrix enhances its smooth, clean look.
  51. Morenci: Mined in southeastern Arizona, Morenci turquoise is known for its bright blue hue and distinctive iron pyrite, or "fool's gold", matrix, a unique feature among turquoise stones.
  52. Tyrone: Tyrone turquoise, from the Tyrone mine in New Mexico, is renowned for its deep green to blue hues. Its varied, intricate matrix adds depth to the stone.
  53. Santa Rita: Santa Rita turquoise, mined in New Mexico, offers beautiful green to blue-green hues, often highlighted by a dark or golden brown matrix.
  54. Cerrillos: The Cerrillos mine in New Mexico is one of the oldest mines, producing turquoise with colors ranging from green to light, medium, and dark blue, often mixed with an iron matrix.
  55. King Manassa: King Manassa turquoise, sourced from Colorado, is admired for its blue-green to green color, often accompanied by a golden or brown matrix.
  56. Villa Grove: The Villa Grove mine in Colorado produces a turquoise variety with an alluring green-blue hue, complemented by a light to dark brown matrix.
  57. Cripple Creek: Cripple Creek turquoise, mined in Colorado, offers unique color variations from green to blue, all of which are brought to life by its darker matrix.
  58. Leadville: Leadville turquoise, from Colorado, is recognized for its vibrant blue color, often found with a fabulous black or brown matrix.
  59. Hubei: While not from the Southwest, Hubei turquoise from China is worthy of inclusion for its broad spectrum of colors from greens to light and dark blues, usually complemented by a black, spiderweb matrix.
  60. Cumpas: Cumpas turquoise from Sonora, Mexico, concludes our exploration with its enchanting green-blue hues and attractive matrix patterns.
These fascinating varieties of turquoise, each carrying a unique story of its origin and color range, are the gems of the Southwest, embodying the cultural significance of turquoise in the region. As we unravel these stories, we are reminded of the awe-inspiring variety of turquoise and the timeless allure these stones hold for artisans and jewelry enthusiasts worldwide.

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