Swiss Timepiece Companies Makes a Spidery High-Precision Clock

By Gemexi Team | Styling Tips
  • Posted: Friday, September 4, 2015
Swiss Timepiece Companies Makes a Spidery High-Precision Clock

Two Swiss companies – MB&F and L’Eppe 1839, have come together to make a unique timepiece that can be used as a wall-piece as well as made to stand on a desk. The high-precision clock, interestingly named Arachnophobia,has been conceived and developed by Maximilian Büsser, MB&F’s founder while it has been engineered and crafted by the craftsmen at L’Epée. MB&F is known as one of the contemporary luxury watchmakers while L’Epéeis known as a traditional high-end clock manufacturer. 

The idea to design a clock shaped as a giant spider came to Büsser when he saw “Maman”, a giant spider sculpture that had been created by Louise Bourgeois. Arachnophobia contains as many as 218 components and buyers can choose to get a black timepiece or an18k plated gold one. 

The L’Epée’s renowned eight-day clock movement has been re-imagined to work as the mechanical head and torso of the spider. The oscillating balance wheel along with the regulator is stored in the head while the mainspring barrel (which makes the movement) is stored in the other end. The spider’s body space has been used to represent the hours and minutes. The central dome also features MB&F’s signature numerals.

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