Styling Tips for the short height people to look taller

By Gemexi Team | Styling Tips
  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Styling Tips for the short height people to look taller

To have a good body that you can adorn very well is like every girl’s dream. And if the beauty comes with a good height, that is an advantage to the personality. Here are the few tips that the short height girls would love to follow just to look tall and graceful.

Deeper V Neck Dresses

The deeper V neck dresses can help you take the attention upwards to your face. Leave your hair open and match it with the accessories like a necklace and eyewear.



High Waisted Trousers

Look taller with the high waisted trousers for the elongated legs. Go for the trousers where the hem of your pants hit the floor and your footwear can’t be seen. See how the trousers are matched with the deep V neck.


Wear Turtleneck dresses for a pristine look

The turtleneck dresses actually hide the actual neck height. The neck then looks better and the flesh, if there be any, is also hidden. The turtlenecks are good to wear at parties as well. Pick up a dark-colored turtleneck dress and mark your presence with the contrast and the bold lip colors and accessories.


Pointed toes stilettos

For a feeling to have much longer feet, try out the pointed toes stilettos. Try matching your footwear with either your scarf or a bag that you may carry.


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