Live by these styling tips to sway for the year 2016.

By Gemexi Team | Styling Tips
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Live by these styling tips to sway for the year 2016.

Rule the world of fashion with styling tips for the year 2016. Some avoidable notes that can change and completely add to your personality. Styling is really important that can not be played with. You must have a look at your closet to remove all the old and not so in clothes out. What is important for you to go like.

Avoid wearing tight clothes

Anything that takes your body shape is not in these days. All the slim-fit dresses are to take a back seat to identify the liberating trends like oversized everything. For 2016, you can forget the body-hugging dresses.


Repeat piece and say yes to comfortable heels on regular days

For the year 2016, buy only what is necessary for you. Don’t let the clothes catch dust in your closet. Wear comfortable not so high heels on regular days and not only in the party. Repeat clothes styled in different ways and with different accessories.


Do not forget the Cultural Significance

When it is about cultural events, do not miss on being simple and plain. Simplicity is the best beauty.


Say No to High Heels

Please say no to high heels that make you jump like a giraffe. Pick a comfortable pair of heels that do not spoil your posture.


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