Go glamorous and chic with the few life changing styling tips

By Gemexi Team | Styling Tips
  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Go glamorous and chic with the few life changing styling tips

Being stylish and carrying style turns many things positive and inclined towards you. Fashion is a pride possession for many. Here are some styling tips that can be life-changing.

Leggings with random patterns and lines

Try out the new lined and random patterns printed leggings. For winters you can go for the warm ones that will keep you cozy and comfortable that too in style.


High Waist looks again

What once was very much in, the high waist looks maybe with a pair of jeans or trousers, is back again. Try different yet soothing colored, high waist jeans for a new look again.


Match your pumps or heels with your Slings

Shine with the bright colored pumps or heels and match them with your same colored sling bags. Not so unique style but still make it one with the color selection.


Go bold with the bold necklaces

Any casual clothing, go bold with the beautiful necklaces. Try and pick the unique designs that keep you in vogue that too with great style.


Keep it simple yet classy with poppy lip colors

Keep it simple with the poppy lip colors like blood red or pink. On a bright sunny day, match it with your sunglasses for a casual look.


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