Gemstone Silver Jewelry Suppliers

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  • Posted: Thursday, August 3, 2017
Gemstone Silver Jewelry Suppliers

It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If a similar proverb was to be made for women it would definitely be something to do with jewelry. Stories about women and their love for jewelry have todaybecome part of folklore. Jewelry is considered one of the most important ornaments for any woman. The importance of jewelry for women transcends culture and religion. In almost every tradition and cultures around the world, you will see the significance of jewelry in society – and in most cases that’s associated with women.

Types of Jewelry

Probably one of the reasons why jewelry is so popular among the fairer sex is because of the variety that is available under the sun. Options for jewelry were never a concern for women, even in the bygone eras, as anything and everything could be stringed together and worn as ornaments. We have definitely come a long way from using simple beads and strings as jewelry to wearing precious stones as adornments today. Gold, platinum and silver are the three popular metals that are used for jewelry making. While gold and platinum are expensive, silver is the cheaper metal and hence jewelry made using this metal is less expensive and more popular. In fact certain cultures have given more significance to silver jewelry over gold and diamonds. A variety of designs and styles are available in silver jewelry and if any comparison is done with the other two precious metals, you will see that silver jewelry has its own fan following.

Gemstone Silver Jewelry

Metals are often used as base in jewelry making while gemstones are used to give each piece a unique identity. Gemstones such as pearl, onyx ruby, topaz, sapphire, peridot etc. are used to give silver jewelry a distinct look and feel. The sheen of silver and the glitter of gemstones combine to give you exquisite pieces that stand out in every occasion.

Finding the Best Silver Jewelry Makers and Suppliers

It is not easy to make elegant jewelry pieces using silver and gemstones. It requires expertise and skill. That is why if you want the best in silver jewelry, you must first find the best silver jewelry makers and suppliers. The silver jewelry market in Jaipur is renowned and jewelers from all around the world throng its narrow streets looking for the best jewelry artisans. But if you are looking for skilled labor, you search can come to an end at the doors of It is one of the leading silver jewelry suppliers from Jaipur and has built its credibility over the years simply by creating exquisite silver pieces that are a hallmark of craftsmanship. The best part about partnering with Jewelexi is that you can get customized jewelry pieces as well as mass produced ones – all at competitive prices. They have tied up with the best jewelry artisans in town and thus promise ornate and quality products. They sell silver jewelry at wholesale prices which means you can buy in bulk without burning a hole in your pocket.

A right silver jewelry piece can easily stand out among all the gold and diamonds. Whether you are looking for customized handmade jewelry or want to order in bulk, contact Jewelexi today and get the deal of a lifetime!


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