Where to Buy Loose Gemstones for My Birthstone or Zodiac

By Gemexi Team | Loose Gemstones
  • Updated On Jan 20, 2021
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Where to Buy Loose Gemstones for My Birthstone or Zodiac

Gemstones are one of the best gifts of nature. Having wonderful sheen and attracting you with their infinite beauty, the gemstones are coveted since ancient times for their beauty as well as qualities. Each gemstone comes with its unique significant powers. Full of brilliant abilities and healing effects, these gemstones are also popularly known as the healing stones. While most people buy these striking gemstones for their mesmerizing beauty, there are millions around the world who buy birthstones according to their specific birthdays or zodiac signs. When gemstones are worn according to the zodiac or birthdays, they can have life-changing effects on the person.

While choosing a birthstone, it is important to understand that one should have correct information about the birth period including the right date, month, and time. If you are buying a birthstone for your family member or friend, it is better to discuss and find out the correct birth date so that a gemstone can be chosen and bought according to the same. It is also a great idea to discuss with an astrology expert who can recommend the right birthstone for you or your loved one. Now, in case, you want to buy a birthstone or zodiac stone, we tell you where to buy birthstones to avail of multiple benefits.

Shop zodiac gemstones from reputed brands


There are specific zodiac gemstones for each month. These stones represent the particular birth time periods of a person. If a person wears the right gemstone according to his or her birth period, he or she can enjoy many associated benefits. However, one should be aware that the market is full of many fake sellers who can hand over fake gemstones to you and you may end up paying a heavy price for just a piece of glass or something like that! Hence, it is recommended that one should buy the birthstones only from the reputed brands that deal in original gemstones.

Buy birthstones online from authentic sites


Online shopping for gemstones is also a good idea. It saves your time and you can glance through many good deals on birthstones in just a few clicks. But again, you need to be very careful while shopping for gemstones or other things online. The best and most authentic sites deal only in natural birthstones. Such sites never cheat their customers and believe in maintaining the best quality of their products including jewelry, gemstones, and birthstones. Thus, anyone who is planning to buy birthstones or zodiac stones online should first prepare a list of authentic sites from which the gemstone shopping can be done with complete reliability.

To find some good websites, you can follow the given-below tips in your online search:

  • Have a detailed discussion with your friends or family members who have already bought the birthstones. They may definitely suggest a few goods and reliable options from where you can buy birthstones with complete assurance.

  • The next best way is to read online reviews and customers’ feedback. You can either read such reviews on your shortlisted sites of gemstones and jewelry or you can read these reviews on some genuine review sites. You can take your decision by reading such feedback, testimonials, and reviews.

  • You can check the websites for their authenticity documents. You can also check their portfolio and find out their customer base. Talking to earlier customers is also a good idea.


Shop loose birthstones from wholesalers


In case, you are planning to buy birthstones in bulk order for your own shop or website, contacting authentic wholesalers is a good idea. You will not only get good quality birthstones and other gemstones from these wholesalers but you will also be able to enjoy these beautiful and beneficial birthstones at an affordable price.

Lastly, we would like to mention again that wearing a birthstone or zodiac stone can give you benefit only when you choose the correct one as per your birth date and time. Secondly, wearing authentic birthstones will give you the expected result while the fake one will just disappoint you! Hence, shop for original and top-quality birthstones from Gemexi that deals only in natural and authentic gemstones that are sourced from the best places around the world.

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  • Silas
    Sep 22, 2022, 6:56:03 AM

    If a person wears the right gemstone according to his birth period. I always ruby gemstone because ruby is my birthstone.

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