Read Some Truths About Chrysanthemum Stone

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  • Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Read Some Truths About Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum stone is a special creation of nature. First of all, the design of a flower on it is so unique and secondly, the play of colors by God on it, makes the stone so appealing. The Chrysanthemum is an aesthetic beauty with a contrast of white to silver-grey against a solid black matrix. It is also known as a “Flower stone” and has the ability to provide a clam, reflective energy to the one so that they can savor each moment before it passes. The Chrysanthemum gemstone is known for integrating change and harmony. It lets you bloom and progress on the path of the perfect self. 

Want to know how this stone is formed?

The Chrysanthemum stone is 250-290 million years old. It is formed from geological changes in the Permian age of the Palaeozoic era. The flower part consists of calcite, celestite, Feldspar or andalusite while the black and sometimes brown base rock comprises of gypsum clay, dolomite, limestone or porphyry. The stone naturally has the flower still sometimes the sellers in the market highlight the flower with some selective painting methods and then smooth or polish it to give it a finished look. Although, none of these processes affect the metaphysical properties of the stone.
The stone is called the “Stone of wealth and Honour” by Chinese people for centuries. It is regarded as an official symbol of the Chinese Imperial family. Some sources claim that it was originally found in Japan while others say it was discovered in China. Nonetheless, currently, it is found in China, Japan along with the USA and Canada. 
Physical benefits of Chrysanthemum stone: Chrysanthemum is considered highly beneficial for physical growth. While growing from childhood to adulthood, it lessens the traumas and assists in transitions. It assists in puberty and assists the women who get adversely affected in their chums due to fibroid masses or cystitis. It is believed to be an excellent stone for fertility for women. It is also useful to treat skin, eye and skeletal system disorder. It enhances the development, aids in the absorption of the minerals and removal of toxins. It is also used to combat tumor and their growth. 
Emotional benefits of Chrysanthemum stone: Chrysanthemum is a stone of harmony, calm, confidence, and joy. It nurtures changes, equilibrium and increases one’s strength of character. It leads to a positive lifestyle and happy moments. Chrysanthemum effectively counteracts ignorance, bigotry, narrow-mindedness and jealously. It helps you to grow emotionally by opening new channels for connection and trust with others. This stone brings more love in one’s life and encourages them to give back the same. It makes you fearless, daring and more open to changes. It manifests abundance and lets you connect with the joy of creation and expression. 
Spiritual benefits of Chrysanthemum stone: Maintaining the balance between the spiritual and physical world, Chrysanthemum is a great stone for spiritual growth. It constantly reminds of the great Divine power that resides in you. It slows you down and lets you enjoy every moment when in connection with God. The flower on it is like a magnet of positive energies. It gives you the strength to walk down the path of the spiritual journey and face all unexpected hurdles. The stone is highly supportive for connecting with angels. It keeps you grounded while astral travel. It gives you energy for shamanic work as well as work with nature to bless you with abundance in all levels of life.

Other benefits of Chrysanthemum stone:

  • Chrysanthemum is known to stimulate the base and crown chakra. 
  • It is the best gift for women who are planning for pregnancy. 
  • In case you feel that you have missed out on your calling and are unsure of your gifts by God then this stone will inspire, enliven and enkindle. 
  • It leads courage to your decisions and thereby helps in turning the dreams into reality. 
  • It is a marvelous talisman for keeping oneself open to new possibilities.
  • It is excellent for acupuncture. 

If you also want to receive these wonderful benefits than either wears Chrysanthemum silver jewelry or carry loose Chrysanthemum stone in the pocket, in both the ways you are going to feel the difference in your life. For some of the best Chrysanthemum silver jewelry pieces, you must visit Gemexi. Here, a wide range is offered at a genuine price tag. 


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