Your Perfect Guide to Know about Tennis Bracelets

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  • Updated On Jul 7, 2022
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Your Perfect Guide to Know about Tennis Bracelets

The jewelry lovers obviously love to own and wear unique and enchanting jewelry. While they keep on exploring, collecting and adding beautiful jewelry pieces, sometimes, the curiosity of knowing about a particular jewelry rises up in mind. The term ‘tennis bracelets’ instantly stimulates the question in our minds that why these bracelets are called so! If you too have this question in your mind and even more queries related to these lovely and fashionable bracelets, continue reading below and you will find all your answers!

Tennis bracelets – Why they are called so?

Remember Chris Evert - the famous tennis star who hit headlines during 1972 to 1989? Well, she was wearing a beautiful diamond bracelet during one of her matches. The bracelet broke and fell off during the match. The tennis star asked the authorities that whether the tennis match can be stopped for a while to look for the bracelet. After this incident, the term tennis bracelet came into existence.


What is a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is a delicate-looking bracelet in which fine diamonds or other gemstones are attached on a delicate chain that is made of platinum, gold or sterling silver. These bracelets come with a clasp so that they can be closed and opened with ease. Available in plethora of designs and styles, these bracelets are loved by many people around the world, especially those who have a sporty or active lifestyle and they want to wear a nice piece of jewelry!

The popular designs in tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets with single row of gemstones/diamonds – The most popular styles among these bracelets is the one with single row. It consists of a single chain (made of either gold, silver or platinum) or row that contains beautiful diamonds or gemstones. The single row bracelet is the most common yet most famous type of tennis bracelet.
  1. Tennis bracelets with double rows diamonds or gemstones – These bracelets have double rows of diamonds or gemstones. You can find beautiful opal tennis bracelets, diamond bracelets and more in this category.
  2. Tennis bracelets with three rows of gemstones or diamonds – Pick up the three-row bracelet when you want to flaunt your jewelry on a special event. This looks outstanding and captivates immediate attention.
  3. Tennis bracelets with four rows gemstones/diamonds – Carrying a luxurious bracelet with four rows of diamonds or gemstones gives you an extraordinary look. It is a perfect pick for special events, grand parties or occasions when you want to be the centre of attraction.
  4. Sterling silver tennis bracelets – While all the above types of bracelets can be found in gold, silver and platinum, it is important to mention that the sterling silver bracelets are the most popular ones! Silver gives an unparalleled touch when combined with any gemstone. This is the reason why the gemstone tennis bracelets often come with a blend of silver.

What to Know While Buying the Tennis Bracelets?

If you are planning to purchase these gorgeous bracelets, take care of the following points:
  1. Prefer to buy tennis bracelets that match your lifestyle. For example, if you have a sporty or daily-office going kind of lifestyle, stick to the single-row ones as they look elegant and suit your lifestyle. They can be worn with ease and comfort on everyday basis.
  2. If you are a party person, you can own the three or four rows’ ones as they will act as the perfect pick for the party occasion.
  3. Always check the clasp of your bracelet. It should be easy to handle. Moreover, it should be strong enough to hold your bracelet securely and safely.
  4. It is also worth mentioning that one should never pick ‘too loose’ or ‘too tight’ bracelet. Both of these can put you in trouble! Instead, you should wear one that fits on your wrist comfortable – neither too tight nor too loose!
  5. If you love to wear these bracelets and worried about their price, try to buy them from the sales. You can explore for tennis bracelets on sale online also. Buying the bracelets and other jewelry items from sale help you save a good amount. Thus, wait for the special occasions and look out for the sales as jewelers often allure customers with good discounts and sale offers at such times.
Keeping all the above points in mind will help you buy your perfect tennis bracelet!

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  • Bri
    Sep 16, 2022, 6:52:45 AM

    The story behind tennis bracelets is very interesting. I love this bracelet because it has so many crystal numbers in one piece. They all shine fabulously.

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