Why Jaipur is Known For Its Handmade Jewelry?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Why Jaipur is Known For Its Handmade Jewelry?

Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City, is home to many attractive tourist destinations, grand palaces, forts, markets, traditions, and customs. Every year, one can witness the influx of tourists to this city from all over the world. However, one thing that has taken Jaipur to international fame, love, and respect is its splendid and imposing jewelry. The jewelry of Jaipur is famous worldwide. Be it the handmade jewelry of Jaipur, the gemstone jewelry of Jaipur or some other variety, there is no doubt that this jewelry is loved and coveted by people across the entire globe. Especially, Jaipur’s handmade jewelry always remains in high demand. So what is it that makes the handmade jewelry of Jaipur so famous? Well, we tell you the same below!

Jewelry Of Jaipur - Years Old Experience in Handmade Jewelry

The first reason why these handmade jewels are so famous is that Jaipur possesses a rich experience in making these handmade jewels. The skillful jewelry artisans and their families have been residing in Jaipur since years. These families have devoted their lives to just jewelry making. Being the paternal and family business of many, the jewelry making artists have acquired amazing skills in making these handmade jewels. This is the reason why every piece created through hands speaks about its own uniqueness.

Extensive Range of Designs in Handmade Silver Jewelry 

Another reason behind the high and ever-growing popularity of handmade silver jewelry is the availability of an extensive range of designs. When you start checking the range of even common handmade silver jewels or the wholesale handmade silver jewelry from Jaipur, you will be surprised to know and find out a gleaming range of designs that sparkle with grandiose and beauty. 

You can discover the following in handmade jewels of Jaipur. 

  • Uniqueness and amazing beauty in handmade jewelry designs
  • The perfection of size, shape, and cut of gemstones
  • Amazing jewelry making skills
  • Unique jewelry making materials (for example, lac) as well as skills

Handmade Jewelry of Jaipur - Availability of a Wide Variety 

Exploring the rich and grand range of handmade jewels will let you realize quickly that this handmade jewelry contains an extensive variety. You can find the following jewelry variety while checking out the handmade jewels of Jaipur.

  • The lac bangles, earrings, etc.
  • Royal looking Thewa jewelry
  • Jewels done in kundan work
  • Jewel done in Meenakari work
  • Silver handmade jewelry
  • Oxidized silver handmade jewelry and even more!

Availability of Different Gemstones 

The presence and availability of different types of gemstones in Jaipur is yet another reason behind the ever-growing demand and popularity of Jaipur’s handmade jewels. People all over the world prefer to buy wholesale handmade silver jewelry from Jaipur because they know very well that jewelry of Jaipur comes in an extensive range of awesome patterns.

Reflection of Various Cultures

The handmade jewelry of Jaipur has attained tons of fame due to one more significant reason. Well, these jewels simply reflect a beautiful amalgamation of various cultures. The alluring Pink City, Jaipur has been ruled by various dynasties and cultures in the past. You must have definitely heard about the rich and beautiful Rajput culture, the Mughal culture, and the Hindu culture. The specialties of these cultures can be observed clearly in the lavish jewels of Jaipur. Making you look and feel royal, the handmade jewels of Pink City are adorned with a plethora of classic and tasteful designs that will surely help you enhance your beauty and create lifetime memories. The handmade jewelry of Jaipur has evolved a lot. You can also discover a tempting range of handmade jewels that elegantly carry modish patterns. 

Perfect Customization and Personal Attention

The jewelry of Jaipur serves various needs and desires. Apart from the existing range of designs, this jewelry hub called Jaipur is open to the option of jewelry customization also. One can share the creative jewelry ideas with the relevant artisans and they will design a beautiful handmade piece just as you must have imagined or wished for! Giving a beautiful personal touch to any jewel, the handmade jewelry makers of Jaipur ensure that you get a fine and stunning jewel to accentuate your beauty. 

The handmade jewels of Jaipur are a must have for your jewel box so that you can cherish this treasure forever. Just own these charming jewels today to look beautiful anytime!

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