Which Jewelry Always Stay In Fashion Trends

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Posted: Sunday, September 8, 2019
Which Jewelry Always Stay In Fashion Trends


A plethora of options are available in jewelry now. There are diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, Kundan jewelry, and whatnot. But, we feel, the way silver jewelry has to withstand the test of time and fashion, no other segment of jewelry did. Silver jewelry has its own charm. It is a multipurpose jewelry segment which can be worn on both Indian as well as western attires. The silver jewelry items which always stay in trend are:
Handmade silver jewelry necklace: The handmade silver necklace is one piece that is timeless. It goes on your Indian outfits as well as western outfits and since it is handmade, the value and exclusiveness of it unquestionable. When you wear a nice ethnic dress, you can put on your silver necklace with it. When you are going to the office or college with a white shirt and jeans, you can accentuate your basic look with a dainty silver necklace. A silver necklace is a very useful jewelry. It is absolutely impossible to go wrong with it.
Diamond silver jewelry rings: A gold wedding ring or a diamond silver wedding ring? The answer is a no-brainer. Diamond, when clubbed with silver, has magnificent appeal and when the matter is of your wedding ring then obviously there is no room left for compromise. A diamond silver ring looks absolutely modern, fresh and suits all types of occasions. You wear it on daily purposes or for special outings, the beauty of it will always make you shine.
Silver earrings: Earrings are an absolutely essential choice when it comes to wearing jewelry. We mean, available in varied sizes, earrings are so easy to carry. When the look is on a daily basis, you can simply put on your Huggies, when it is about a party, you can choose a little better and bigger dangler. Earrings instantly get into notice and up your fashion game in one go.
Opal silver jewelry bracelets: Putting on a silver bracelet is the coolest and easy fashion style. You can easily stack up bracelets of different colors available in opal gemstone or in other gemstones and look as chic as possible with a different bracelet in your hand every day. Bracelets give a delicate look and are also considered as nice gifts for people of all age groups.
Silver gemstone jewelry lockets: Even though small in size, lockets have their own significance. They are a very special and personal piece of jewelry that looks amazing on a day to day basis. You can choose your birthstone or any gemstone you like and get a locket made for yourself. This way you will have a nice jewelry piece in your collection and also feel great with natural healing energies coming from the particular gemstone you choose.
Silver jewelry is a timeless possession and even if you are thinking to buy some of the beautiful handmade silver jewelry pieces then you must visit Gemexi. As wholesalers of silver jewelry, we have a plethora of options for you to choose from. We keep jewelry items in a silver medal for all age groups and for every budget.

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