Where to find Silver Jewelry in Jaipur

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Where to find Silver Jewelry in Jaipur

Who doesn’t love beautiful jewels? Well, and when it comes to unique silver jewelry, the first name that strikes the mind is the silver jewelry from Jaipur. Jaipur is the hub for all sorts of jewelry and gemstones. Especially, when it comes to handmade silver jewelry, most of the people around the world love to buy the handmade silver jewelry of Jaipur. If you are planning to buy the wholesale handmade silver jewelry from Jaipur or if you wish to know about the best places in Jaipur that can give you excellent silver jewelry, just check out our list.

Gemexi – Let us begin with the first, foremost and the globally renowned named for silver jewelry in Jaipur, that is, Gemexi! Reflecting some of the most innovative designs that are a combination of ethnic and contemporary designs, the jewels available at this brand are simply enchanting. The store also deals in wholesale silver jewelry, gemstones and a wide range of jewelry apart from its extensive silver jewelry products. 

Some of the unique facts about the store that will help you convince that it is indeed the best place in Jaipur to buy silver jewelry have been mentioned below:

  • Gemexi has been serving customers worldwide since years
  • It helps you get the best quality gemstones and jewelry
  • The jewels available here are the best example of creativity and passion
  • The store runs its own efficient jewelry news app that helps you know about gemstones and jewelry
  • Genuine and useful info about all sorts of gemstones is available on the store’s site
  • It has its own team of experienced and skillful artisans
  • The store deals in innovatively created handmade silver jewelry and delivers the best in-trend and ethnic designs
  • It has a well maintained, efficient and highly user-friendly site that helps customers understand the products in detail
  • Having an extensive solid experience in jewelry manufacturing and exporting, this store can be chosen as the one that will always meet all your jewelry requirements with perfection
  • It also gives its customers the option of jewelry customization which is quick and efficient
  • The customer care team of this store is knowledgeable, polite, helpful and available 24*7 to help customers solve their queries.

Amrapali Jewels – Inspired from the name of a beautiful royal courtesan – ‘Amrapali’, the products available at Amrapali Jewels are quite popular and promising. One can come across an exceptional range of luxury jewelry here. Find stunning silver jewelry, gold jewelry and other jewelry types that reflect the true spirit of India.  

Silver Mountain – Another good source to buy good quality silver jewelry from Jaipur is the Silver Mountain. Having good experience in manufacturing and exporting an extensive range of jewelry all over the world, the company assures that the customers get great quality jewels. Equipped with its own production facility and having a good workforce, the company prefers to do all tasks related to jewelry including the cutting and polishing of gemstones, conceptualizing and designing the jewelry and finally, delivering the finished product. At this place, you can find a wide range of products in silver jewelry. Combined with diamonds, gold and others, you will come across fabulous and influential silver jewels, here!

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