Where to Buy Real and Authentic Lapis Lazuli Jewelry?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jan 27, 2023
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Where to Buy Real and Authentic Lapis Lazuli Jewelry?

The very first glance at the enchanting Lapis lazuli gemstone will hypnotize you for a few seconds! That’s the beauty and attraction of this superb gemstone that is in use since historical times. Regarded as the representative of intelligence, the lapis lazuli stone comes in a lovely deep blue color. It gets formed through rocks that consist of few minerals. However, the lazurite mineral is present in the maximum quantity in such rocks from which you get this stunning gemstone called lapis lazuli.

While all gemstones have their unique healing powers and properties, Lapis Lazuli is the one that is one of the most popular gemstones known for their immense healing properties and uses. Some of the most important ones are given below:
  1. One can use this beautiful gemstone to purify the blood.
  2. Lapis lazuli is believed to enhance immunity.
  3. It is also used for treating sleeping disorders and the problem of sleeplessness.
  4. It is considered as a great option for hypertension patients as the stone is considered to bring down the blood pressure to the normal level.
  5. The gemstone is also recommended for thyroid problems.
  6. One can also take the help of lapis lazuli in getting rid of depression.
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Important Benefits of Using Lapis Lazuli

  1. Improves imagination and creativity – By wearing the impressive, precious, and highly captivating Lapis Lazuli jewelry, one can enhance his or her creativity. Thus, this jewelry is a great option for people who are in the creative fields of arts, writing, entertainment, etc.
  2. Augments the power of concentration – Do you feel a lack of concentration in everything you do? If so, using lapis lazuli can help you. This lovely gemstone is believed to improve concentration power. Even the students can wear this astonishing jewelry to improve their focus.
  3. Helps provide better judgment – Lapis Lazuli also helps to get better judgment powers. The wearer of this jewelry can analyze any situation and provide better judgment.
  4. Instills honesty in the wearer – Lapis lazuli gemstone is also believed to instill the quality of honesty in anyone who wears it. Thus, the gemstone helps build one’s fair and honest character.
Works well on the throat chakra and third eye chakra – Lapis lazuli stone stimulates the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. Hence, it is a wonderful option for people who want to improve their communication skills and the power of expression. It also provides a better and new perspective for seeing things and situations in a new way.
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How to tell if lapis lazuli is real or fake?

Lapis lazuli stone jewelry is coveted for its beauty and supreme attributes. However, it is quite important to mention that all the benefits and properties of this gemstone can only be enjoyed and attained when you buy real and authentic lapis lazuli jewelry. One should stay very careful and cautious while buying this jewelry as many fraudsters can sell fake jewelry made either of plastic or glass.

To get original and real lapis lazuli, you can follow the tips given below:
  1. Always buy lapis lazuli or other gemstone jewelry from reputed and authentic sites.
  2. It is even a better idea to choose sites that sell certified gemstones.
  3. If you are going to buy lapis lazuli gemstones or jewelry for the first time, it is a wise idea to take the help of a knowledgeable and experienced person who can advise and suggest options from where to buy this precious jewelry.
  4. You can also buy this jewelry online. However, make sure to choose only the reputed and authentic sites. You can come across few destinations that sell alarmingly cheap gemstone jewelry. In such cases, do not rush and buy gemstones or jewelry because it is quite an obvious fact that gemstones are highly precious gifts of nature and thus, they cannot be bought at a very cheap cost.

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  5. Choose reputed sellers and sites that source gemstones from the best places in the world.
  6. Reading online reviews and feedback on authentic sites also helps you get a fair idea about where to buy real and original lapis lazuli gemstone jewelry.
  7. We also suggest that you do your own research and study before you buy the lapis lazuli gemstone or jewelry made out of it. This will give you knowledge on how to choose real gemstones and how to identify fake ones.

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  • Lily
    Sep 15, 2022, 6:58:41 AM

    A gemstone will work if it is real. Lapiz lazuli has so many healing properties, I will work only if we wear real one. I suggest you wear a certified gemstone.

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