History, Meaning & Benefits of Wearing Evil Eye Jewelry

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  • Updated On Jul 12, 2022
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History, Meaning & Benefits of Wearing Evil Eye Jewelry

What is the History of Evil Eye Jewelry?

Evil eye charms or talismans are believed to safeguard wearers from malicious glares as well as negative energy. Therefore, the demand and popularity of various evil eye jewelry pieces, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, are rising. The age-old evil eye symbol helps safeguard the unconscious wearer from negative force and evil eye glares. Although the definite history of the evil eye is not available, Mesopotamia (Middle East) is believed to be the breeding ground of this symbol that dates back to more than 5,000 years. Moreover, most cultures (Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and so on) believe in the power of the evil eye symbol. Many charms and trinkets are available with an eye-like symbol, and they are known as "Nazar." If you start looking over ancient records, you can expect to find the mention of Nazar. Evil eye fashion jewelry and amulets are mostly used in countries like Morocco, Greece, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Italy, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, and Iraq.

Significance of Evil Eye Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale evil eye jewelry designs are available in various colors. However, these jewelry pieces are not worn for their style but for their significance. Wearers have strong faith in the powers of evil eye jewelry. Moreover, they also believe that the colors of evil eye jewelry come with spiritual purposes as well as beliefs. Are you ready to explore the significance of various evil eye colors? Let us discuss it below:


  1. Light Blue:

This color represents the sky. Likewise, the infinite existence of the sky, the light blue color, symbolizes the expansion of boundaries and the search for truth in the wearer's life.


  1. Blue:

When it comes to evil eye jewelry for women, the most common color that you can witness is blue. In other words, most evil eye amulets are available in blue color. Note that a blue-colored evil eye amulet represents good karma or good fortune. Moreover, the blue color imparts positive energy to the wearer's life and helps them become more motivated, creative, and committed. The blue eye talisman safeguards wearers from evil eyes to help them lead happy and healthy lives.


  1. Red:

Red represents the color of fire, which signifies power, courage, and energy. When it comes to providing energy and courage in the face of adversities, a red evil eye charm can be a rescuer to the wearer. That is how wearers can stay motivated to face life's challenges and move forward to reach their goals.


  1. Yellow or Gold:

The color gold or yellow represents the color of the sun. And it thereby signifies power, energy, and vigor to face any health ailments and get cured of them. In addition, a yellow or gold evil eye talisman helps to boost the power of focus or concentration of wearers to make them more productive in their lives.


  1. Orange:

The orange color represents the improvement of creativity as well as merriment. Furthermore, an orange evil eye charm helps the wearer to experience their playful nature to live their life to the fullest.


  1. White:

Almost everyone knows the color white represents purity and peace. The white evil eye charm signifies light, purity, and positivity and inspires wearers to indulge in adventures to gather as many new experiences in life as possible.


  1. Pink:

It is a color of tranquility and contentment. A pink evil eye talisman helps the wearer to get relaxed to further help them do better in their life. In addition, a pink evil eye charm also protects amity and rapport with like-minded people. Purple and green evil eye talismans are also available with their specific significance to help wearers lead meaningful life.

Benefits of Wearing Evil Eye Jewelry

It is time to check out the benefits of wearing evil eye jewelry to encourage you to consider buying one for yourself:


  1. Safeguards the Wearer:

Did you know that evil eye gemstone jewelry protects the wearer from negative energy? When it comes to safeguarding one from malicious glares, evil eye jewelry can come as their rescuer. You may consider carrying an evil eye talisman or charm to bring and keep positivity in your life under the recommendation of an expert.


  1. Imparts Good Vibes:

Evil eye jewelry is believed to emit positive energy with blue as the dominant color. It is also believed that evil eye jewelry hosts good karma. Moreover, the light blue color of this evil eye symbolizes the sky, which represents truth. In addition, the soothing color is also regarded as a force to prevent the evil eye in the wearer's life.


  1. Attracts Good Fortune:

One of the key benefits of the evil eye lies in its power to bring good luck to the wearer's life. An evil eye charm can attract good fortune, happiness, and health due to its incredible powers.


  1. Keeps Dangers at bay:

If you have been experiencing issues in your life lately, considering evil eye protection jewelry may be beneficial for you. It is high time to reach out to an expert to know it in detail. In short, evil eye jewelry keeps an eye on various aspects of the wearer's life. It leaves no stone unturned to keep up peace of mind and prosperity.


  1. Promotes Good Health:

You can opt to wear evil eye jewelry upon the advice of an expert to improve your health condition. For instance, evil eye talismans address health disorders caused by depression, insomnia, fatigue, and diarrhea. In short, an evil eye charm helps to maintain good health and happiness in the wearer's life. We are manufacturers & suppliers from India with a vast collection of evil eye jewelry at wholesale price in various design styles.

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  • Alexis
    Jul 25, 2022, 7:28:56 AM

    I also had an evil eye pendant since my birth. It helps me to keep negative vibes away from me. I consider it my talisman. This talisman gives me positive vibes.

  • Adika
    Jul 25, 2022, 9:30:13 AM

    I also had an evil eye pendant since my birth. It helps me to keep negative vibes away from me. I consider it my talisman. This talisman gives me positive vibes.

  • Emili
    Nov 18, 2022, 9:13:51 AM

    I always thought this evil eye jewelry is worn for style. After reading this blog I got to know that people ware it for a purpose.

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