What Is Eye Of Horus Jewelry And How To Wear It?

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  • Updated On Apr 14, 2022
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What Is Eye Of Horus Jewelry And How To Wear It?

“Eye of Horus” is a prehistoric symbol of Egypt. It symbolizes guardianship and healing. Having been born from the conflict of Horus, an Egyptian god with Set, god of war, the symbol is associated with the victory of right over wrong. In modern times, this symbol has found its place in our wardrobe and in our arts. We all love sprucing up our everyday lives with jewelry that is elegant and meaningful. Some might think that the symbol is quirky while for others the fancy lines around the eye are artistic. But wait, let us know a thing or two about the “eye of Horus” symbol before we make our mind. Keep scrolling!

Eye Of Horus Jewelry: Meaning, Symbol, And Everything Between:

  1. The meaning of this marvelous symbol is protection from evil. It also signifies health and well-being. From art to modern jewelry, the eye of Horus symbol marked its presence almost everywhere. This sacred symbol is esteemed as a powerful talisman.  
  2. The symbol exudes an ostentatious eye with free-flowing swirls. Ancient Egyptians divided the eye of Horus into six different segments where each segment is an emblem in itself. Interestingly, each emblem is congruous to the neuroanatomy of humans.
  3. The symbol of Egypt, the eye of Horus harbors mystical powers. As a result, it has been given a slew of names like “the eye of the mind” or “the eye of wisdom”. Metaphors have also declared this to be the insignia of god inside of the human mind.
  4. Ancient Egyptians used the symbol while performing rituals for deities in temples. Not only that but these symbols were also offered during funerary rituals to support the deceased in the afterlife.

  5 Chic Ways To Wear Symbol Eye Of Horus Jewelry:

Here’s your guide to wearing the Egyptian emblem with chic!


  1. Eye Of Horus Earrings:

You do not need statement wholesale eye of horus earrings until and unless you have unique gemstone-bearing dangle earrings. Opt for an enchanting blue-hued chalcedony eye of Horus earring and pair it with whites to notch up a simple look.

     eye of horus blue chalcedony 925 silver dangle earrings    925 silver eye of horus natural brown tiger's eye dangle earrings    925 sterling silver eye of horus black onyx dangle earrings
  1. Sterling Silver Eye Of Hours Pendants:

Whether it's your date night or a casual outdoor, keep it fine and soft with pear-shaped wholesale eye of horus silver pendant of larimar gemtone. Bling that can be paired with a wide array of prints, as well as solid colors, is a must-have!

    925 sterling silver 8.22cts horse eye natural blue larimar topaz pendant    horse eye natural blue larimar topaz 925 sterling silver pendant    925 sterling silver horse eye natural blue larimar topaz pendant


  1. Sterling Silver Bracelets:

Wristlets are for all, be it a cool girl or one with a feminine take on trinkets. Gemexi’s sterling silver bracelets are designed with meticulous details that make them appealing and chic. We suggest you pair them with crop tops and wide-legged pants.


  1. Eye Of Horus Silver Band Rings:

Precious stones and metals in form of sleek or wideband rings are showstoppers. Sterling silver-based dainty pieces make classic Fashion statements with your everyday wardrobe.


  1. Eye Of Hours Round Necklace:

The effervescent vibes & forces of the Eye of Horus necklace wholesale symbol is impossible to skip. This pendant looks chic and fresh making it our all-time favourite! Check out Manufacturers & Suppliers from India Gemexi’s range of products!

Mind-Boggling Facts About Handmade Eye Of Horus Jewelry:

Legends believe that every part of the symbol represents a series of numerical values with the Numerator being one and the denominator being powers of two. Historians suggest that each fragment of the Eye of the Horus illustrates a sense organ of the human body. The anatomical metaphors of the Eye of Horus Jewelry stand true as the symbol fits the midsagittal part of the human brain.

Wearing A Piece Of Egyptian Mythology…

The eye of Horus is a symbol of protection since time immemorial. A symbol that depicts the heritage and cultural values of Egypt can complement any ensemble with its exquisite beauty. They can be styled in a myriad of ways like alongside a gown or a summer dress. Make a strong case in point with the eye of horus sterling silver earrings and wholesale eye of horus pendant.

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  • Brooke
    Jul 29, 2022, 6:48:50 AM

    This blog has authentic details of the eye of Horus. It's true, the eye of Horus signifies health and well-being. This sacred symbol is always considered a powerful talisman. This symbol protects us from negative vibes.

  • Neena
    Aug 6, 2022, 9:28:49 AM

    The old civilization of Egypt has many reasons that anybody could develop a curiosity to know about more of it. They had known about all gemstones.

  • Sidd
    Aug 9, 2022, 6:57:05 AM

    I agree @Neena. Yes! Temple of Osiris in Abydos in Egypt, the flower of life symbol is woven with 19 interconnected circles of equal proportions. It's an amazing and unique technique of gemstones that Eygpt's people had known and used it.

  • Anna
    Aug 16, 2022, 6:43:02 AM

    They used many technics because they were familiar with gemstones' healing properties and have faith in them.

  • Noah
    Aug 29, 2022, 6:56:27 AM

    Thanks to Gemexi which provides us with useful information about gemstones. And provides us with authentic handmade jewelry with gemstones.

    Aug 30, 2022, 8:30:37 AM

    Thankyou for exploring our content. We would be more happy happy to assist you further :)

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