What are the Benefits of a Pearl in Astrology and Which Pearl is the Best?

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  • Updated On Apr 29, 2022
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What are the Benefits of a Pearl in Astrology and Which Pearl is the Best?

“Wearing a pearl every day, keeps mental illness away - Dr. Astrology”

Gemstones and crystals - they have a peculiar way of finding a home in every woman’s heart. Like really, who doesn’t fancy flamboyant gemstone jewelry? Who doesn’t love pairing their outfit with colorful, rich, and glossy baubles framed in silver and gold? It’s no surprise - every woman does! The exciting beauty that pearls exude makes them the most wearable jewelry. 

But for the believers in astrology, gemstones and crystals are more than a piece of jewelry - they’re a solution to their life problems. From diamonds to emeralds and even pearls - every crystal is believed to have a deeper significance in astrology. So today, let’s hop on and uncover the fascinating astrological benefits of pearls - the milky white gemstone. 

In The Spotlight: Pearl - The Ravishing White Gemstone:

We cannot discuss pearls without mentioning their genesis. So, here we go! 
  1. Did you know? Calcium carbonate in nanoscopic crystalline forms Pearl - the white radiant gemstone with celestial ooze.
  2. It is the only gemstone inbred from a living creature. Mollusks like Oysters and mussels produce pearls.
  3. When an irritant penetrates inside mollusks, it shields itself and layers the irritant by releasing nacre, thus, a pearl is formed.
  4. Nacre is the innermost layer of the pearl which gives distinctive luster to them. 
  5. Pearls grow in a timespan of 6 months to 4 years. The larger the pearl, the more is the time taken for formation.

Pearl In Astrology - What Is The Use Of Pearls In Astrology?:

Out of all the reasons one buys pearl jewelry, the astrological benefits of a Pearl are the most regal- here’s why:
  1. A pearl, by essence, is a piece of the moon. Thus, pearls are proposed for weak moons in astrological charts.
  2. A pearl is a calming gemstone. According to Vedic astrology, it heals emotional wounds and provides stability. 
  3. Astrologers recommend pearls to individuals seeking careers in psychology and counseling.
  4. Astrologically, students should wear pearls to increase their concentration and memory.
  5. Pearl mitigates the detrimental effects of the planets on individuals. So yes, the benefits of wearing pearl gemstone are immense. 
  6. An exponent of marriage, this graceful gemstone is donned by people seeking partners. It aids in the married life of the wearer.
  7. Pearls offer excellent fortune and symbolize prosperity in Vedic astrology.

Zodiac Compatibility - Which Zodiac Signs Can Wear Pearl Jewelry & How?:

Although pearls are used time and again by almost everyone, a few of us (zodiacs) can benefit the most from them:
  1. Aries: The Moon governs the fourth house within Aries horoscope. The fourth house is in an auspicious location with regards to the mother, buildings, and infrastructure. As a result, those born to parents underneath this horoscope should wear pearls. To reap the most advantages, use Pearl with Red Coral.
  2. Cancer: For the mind, body, and spirit to be in unison, cancer ascendants should wear pearls. Moreso, Moon is the lord of this Zodiac sign. Pearl will bestow power and wealth to cancer natives if they wear pearl rings on the ring finger itself.  
  3. Scorpio: Moon being the owner of 9th House, scorpions should wear pearls conventionally every day. A sterling silver pearl charm or a silver ring works just fine for the ascendants. 
  4. Pisces: The moon owns a fifth house in the Pisces zodiac. Thus, white pearls suit them the best. Astrologers suggest coupling white pearl with yellow sapphire for effective results.

Which Pearl Is The Best For Astrology? - Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

There are various kinds of pearls with various shades on the market- here are the best ones!
  1. South Sea Pearls: The most sought-after, carefully cultivated pearls in the world are white South Sea and golden South Sea pearls. They’re the top picks of astrologers.
  2. Saltwater Keshi Pearls: Keshi pearls have to their name powers of influencing the moon. Saltwater Keshi pearls are smaller in size when compared to freshwater Keshi pearls. The effects of wearing them are beyond imagination.
  3. Basra Pearls: Basra pearl is not only auspicious but also a precious pearl recommended by astrologers. Wearing this pearl brings the mind under control, and promotes love and serenity.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Pearl Gemstone?:

  1. Physical Healing: Often used for treating bad temperament, the pearl is one soothing gemstone that calms nerves, cures stress, and handles insomnia. With pearls, you don’t lose hours ‘trying’ to sleep. Medically, pearls synchronize body fluids and keep bladders in check. They also help lower blood pressure. No doubt, it's a must-have these days!
  2. Mental Healing: Known to treat depression, the pearl is a pioneer in mental healing. From handling mood swings and bipolarity to improving intelligence and dawning wisdom upon the wearer, pearls do it all!
  3. Financial gains: Astrological insignia of prosperity, pearl bears financial gains with itself. It not only attracts wealth but also helps settle accounts that are long due. With pearls, wealth comes back to you in abundance. 

Healing In Style - How To Wear Pearls For Astrology?:

  1. Pearls must evidently be donned on the right hand's pinky finger.  To add a little drama to your ensemble, pair it with a pearl-solitaire ring.
  2. Whilst silver is typically suggested with pearl since it is highly effective, gold can sometimes be used instead of silver. We’d recommend wearing sterling silver pearl studs that work seamlessly and gracefully with ethnic wear. 
  3. Regardless of whether donned as a necklace or a ring, the pearl must carry at least 1200-1400 mg weight. A chic gold plated sterling silver necklace complements really well dresses and has an intricate charm.
Now that you know what wearing pearls are going to be like both astrologically and aesthetically, do yourself a favor - capitalize on the advantages of wearing pearl jewelry. And in case you are in search of a shop to shop from, direct at Gemexi - the ultimate wholesale gemstone jewelry seller and order the best pearls online.

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  • Harper
    Jul 22, 2022, 8:37:00 AM

    Pearl mitigates the detrimental effects of the planets on individuals. So yes, the benefits of wearing pearl gemstone are immense. Does it really work?

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    Jul 27, 2022, 6:37:56 AM

    Pearls have many varieties. I love the most Saltwater keshi pearls. It has beyond imagination healing power.

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    Nov 25, 2022, 11:20:26 AM

    I was not aware of the benefits of pearls. After reading this blog I get to about its power.

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