Things You Don't Know About Artisan Pearl Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Things You Don't Know About Artisan Pearl Jewelry


Have you ever heard that once pearls were one of the world’s costliest gems until the science and art of growing pearl became very advanced? Cultivated pearls are the real pearls, and they are affordable too. High-quality cultivated pearls are ‘must-have’ for any woman with a graceful fashion sense.
Handmade pearl jewelry has been all the passion recently. The individual attention and love that artisans infuse into their job are evident in the work of art that they create. Most of the people don’t comprehend that handmade jewelry is more of an investment than its collectively produced counterparts. Below are some things you might not know about handmade jewelry.

No collective production machinery involved:

Handmade jewelry is exactly just that, made by the “hands” of the maker or artisan. The pieces are connected, sawed, carved and being shaped without the use of mass production manufacturing machines. A machine can odd out hundreds of units per hour whereas an individual can only make a limited quantity or portion of the number of pieces in an equal amount of time.

The worth of time:

As formerly mentioned, given that there is no machinery involved, handmade jewelry takes a far-fetched amount of time to create just a single piece. As a designer, we know that we often spend hours designing a single piece of jewelry for our customers. The time and efforts we put in to make the piece can often take weeks.

The artisan’s process:

The artisan has a very warm relationship with each piece or design that they craft. The designing process is an essential part that adds on to the value which is inherent in each piece. It is very well said that “While creating a piece of jewelry, there is a very intimate connection with the work. An artisan knows every curve and line that is put there with a purpose. As an artisan, your energy goes into the piece.”


In almost every aspect, the value of the resources involved in a handmade piece is of stellar eminence. It’s tricky to standardize or even know accurately what is being used in mass production factories because sometimes there dirty metals are combined to produce costume pieces. Handmade resources are generally supplied from extremely reputable suppliers.


Jewelry Artisans are often dedicated to sustainability and decently sourced materials. By nature, being ethical can be very costly than taking the easiest method and purchasing the jewelry from the dealer with low prices and bad sourcing. Once again, keep in mind that before buying any kind of pearl jewelry make sure that it is made from the highest quality materials sourced from suppliers who share their philosophy about sustainability whenever possible. Most of the times smaller scale production is always of higher quality.


Smaller-scale manufacture is constantly higher quality because the capability to track and control the procedure from beginning to end is natural in the making process. Artisans are exceptionally proud of the work they manufacture. They aren’t going to allow something of substandard quality leave their place with their name on it.

Locally Made with Love:

Reducing your carbon footstep and supporting local artisans is excellent for the environment and good for everyone. Artisans fill love and energy into each piece of their work. There is enormous value in supporting local from an energetic standpoint. Along with the further value inherent in jewelry, you are also buying a truly unique product. Even if the handmade piece is an element of an edition – no artisan creates two pieces that are exactly the same. You are the only individual with that specific piece of jewelry which speaks a lot.
The next time you think about purchasing a handmade piece pearl silver jewelry, remember that even though the piece may be an asset, you are supporting something even superior. You can feel amazing about your purchase from knowing that you have an extraordinary piece of the artist in your exclusive jewelry collection.

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