The Major Sparkle of Oscar 2015 is diamonds

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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The Major Sparkle of Oscar 2015 is diamonds

The major sparkles brought to the Oscar party by the Hollywood royalties are the royal diamonds designed by Neil Lane's. A glamorous new collection from this dynamic jewelry designer for Oscar 2015 catches the eye and holds the breath of the masses. The fringe necklace designed by him carries the center stage at the award night. This unique, but newest beautifully crafted bijouterie evokes the magnificence of the past with an eye towards the hereafter.


The classic diamond fringe necklace worn by the actress gave the spotlight moments to celebrate. A fringe necklace is an intricate design and can be drawn as a series of the pendant that droop from the cord to engirdle the neck. The emergence of these fringe necklaces is due to the wesekh and is preferred by the Greek and Etruscan jewelers. This form of jewelry too record the development of the technology utilized in the enhancement of the new inventions of the gold jewelry.


Fringe Necklaces are the intentions that include the linkage of myriad pendants like a mesh ring. The fringe necklaces were popular in the former days of civilization, but they made their stage when rediscovered in the late 19th Century. Famous in European culture they got the attention of the jewelers who fabricate them with the featuring diamonds as well as pearls. In the era of 1950’s the style of fringe, the necklace becomes a classic choice of the ladies.


Every year the actresses from all around the globe step out on to reveal their magnificent charm by wearing glitters. The fans too focus on their wrists, fingers, earlobes as well as necks to get a close up of the fabulous designs and the latest jewelry trends.


In the year 2015, Oscar was ruled by the diamond jewelry as well as by the fringe necklaces worn by the esteemed actresses. Neil Lane is one of the designers whose artwork can be noticed in every academy awards and must say each design is eye stilling.


The big screen actresses from Elizabeth Taylor to Jennifer Garner all worn his design played with diamonds, he has created some striking fringe neck pieces that enhance the peach of these actresses.


Diamonds are always women's a first preference. If it comes to the latest trend, she can never keep herself away from gaining a charm of beautiful fringe neck pieces. From Angelina Jolie to Halle Berry as well as Anne Hathaway to Kate Hudson every beauty has attracted the attention of the fans by putting on the breathtaking fringe necklaces.


The procedure of fitting out an actress starts months or moments before the event, as a stylist too holds the understanding that jewel piece will serve to enhance beauty as well as create an amazing look. Diamonds are always the first choice of the stylists as the fabrication of their dresses can be intensified with the assecories of the diamonds. Neck, ears, fingers every part has a strong influence in magnifying the beauty of an actress.


But the year 2015 is ruled by the neck pieces and that too by stunning diamond necklaces or diamond fringe necklaces to complement the dress. It’s not entirely about creating bespoke diamond pieces for the actresses but, the vintage pieces that add stars to the pulchritude of the actresses.

In the year 2015, the red carpet was awash with diamonds, as they were worn quietly on the wrists, necks and ears of the beautiful women. Diamonds are the elegance as they create a flawless look that is drifting across the stage at the Oscar 2015. 

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