The History of Class Rings or Graduation Rings for a One-of-a-kind Gift for the Graduate

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  • Updated On Sep 2, 2021
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The History of Class Rings or Graduation Rings for a One-of-a-kind Gift for the Graduate

The graduation rings are marvelous and memorable possessions that are cherished by everyone throughout their lives. With the particular emblem of school or institution, these rings immediately remind the bygone beautiful school or college days. Let us take a quick glance at history, significance, customs, and more important points related to these beautiful and unforgettable rings.

The History of Unique Class Rings

Yes! The graduation rings are also known as the class rings. The tradition of wearing such rings began back in the year 1835. The students at the West Point Military Academy thought of having something that remains common among them and yet helps them look distinct among the crowd. The idea was to wear the rings that have the emblem or insignia of their institution. Thus, came out the attractive, remarkable, and unique class rings or graduation stone rings.

What Exactly High School Rings Are?

The points mentioned below will give you a quick and fair idea about these popular rings.
  • These rings are specifically worn by the students who are soon going to graduate from their high school or college.
  • Students who are enrolled in any institution, school, or college can also get such rings.
  • It is important to mention that in previous times, these beautiful rings were provided by the institution. But today, you can order it for anybody in your family who is enrolled as a student in some school or college.

The Chief Associated Custom

Do you know what’s the most interesting custom associated with the wearing style of these rings? Well, one has to wear the ring with its insignia/emblem facing inwards if he or she is presently enrolled at any institution or expecting to earn a graduation degree soon. Once the graduation is over, the ring is then worn with its emblem/insignia facing outwards.

Graduation Rings – Then & Now!

When the tradition of wearing high school class jewelry started in the form of class rings, the main concept consisted of wearing the same or common design. The students of one particular school used to wear rings with absolutely the same design. But gradually, as time passed by, more creativity and design made its way through the range of these rings. Institutions started to prefer the personal customization method. While the rings still contained the name and symbol of the school, the name of the wearer was also included in the overall design for a beautiful personal touch to this accessory. It is also important to mention that earlier these rings were made in gold metal only but today, they are also made using other precious metals like platinum, gold plus silver, and few more options.

Graduation Rings - The Present-Day Designs, Shapes & Sizes

The most popular shapes that are often noticed in these rings include the oval shape, round and square shape as well. The graduation stone rings have a stone that is suggested by the institution in the design process. This stone is a common element that is found in all the rings of all the students of that specific stone. However, personal design suggestions by the students are also considered and welcomed by the school authorities these days. As far as the size is considered, anyone can easily infer that the graduation rings for him are a bit bigger in size in comparison of the girls’ class rings. Also, while you explore the wholesale sterling silver jewelry India range online, you will come across varied appealing designs.
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Handmade Graduation rings

The handmade graduation rings are also gaining fast popularity. The students can suggest their favorite shapes, sizes, and even design ideas. The designs in these rings incorporate symbols or words that help the students relate to their school/college days.

The classic graduation/class rings simply help celebrate the beautiful high school or college days. These rings are certainly one of the most unique gifts for any student. If you are looking forward to commemorating someone’s graduation day or wish to gift something memorable and special to a student, nothing can serve better than a trendy classic high school ring. Explore the latest range online today and pick up the designs that best match the student’s choice. And yes! As we mentioned before, the option of personal customization is also available at many sites. All you need to do is to find some fine options and get your high school ring customized the way you wish it to be!

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    Graduation is a time when we lived our life by wholeheartedly and happily. we miss these days. If we have some gifted things that are given by college friends, always give nostalgia.

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