The Fascinating Glamour of Big Size Stone Pendants

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Oct 8, 2022
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The Fascinating Glamour of Big Size Stone Pendants

Big-size gemstones are quite a trend these days! Be it the red-carpet events, the celebrity cocktail parties, the corporate events, or extravagant events, the big size gemstones can be seen almost in any grant function, or occasion. Giving you a standout look, and speaking about your fashionable choice in jewelry, the big-size gemstone jewelry has become a favorite choice for millions across the world. The exhaustive range of big-size gemstone jewelry offers enchanting pieces in form of captivating bracelets, rings, necklaces, and pendants. However, the big gemstone pendants remain the most fascinating and popular choice when it comes to choosing the most coveted option from the big size gemstone jewelry. If you are fashion diva who loves to go by the trend, you must know why you should own this exuberant jewelry and big gemstone silver pendant.

How big size gemstone gives you a marvelous appearance

Wearing a passionately crafted big gemstone pendant will certainly offer you all the charm that you expect from your unique jewelry piece. The most exciting part about wearing such jewels is that their bold and prominent look instant draws the attention of the onlooker. Hence, even if you wear your jewelry having big sized gemstones with any simple graceful attire, you will successfully carry a unique and highly capturing appearance. The size of the gemstone being bigger than the general size of gemstones make you stand out and you become a show stopper of any event in an effortless way. 

Large gemstone pendants - The vivid alluring shapes 

The stylish big gemstone pendants are taking the world by storm! Fashion models, celebrities and commoners can be seen wearing these enthralling pendants on different occasions. The beautiful shapes of these pendants include round shapes, oval shape, pear shapes, square shapes and a few more. You can pick up a shape according to your choice and match it with a complementary accessory and other jewelry pieces. The diverse choices in shapes are also a strong reason behind the ever-growing popularity of pendants with large gemstones. 

Big gemstone pendants and jewelry provide a refreshing colorful look

As we all know, the natural original gemstones come in bright beautiful palette of colors. Be it the turquoise, emerald, ruby, laguna jasper, rose quartz, citrine, labradorite, moonstone, spiny oyster turquoise, pearls or any other option, every natural gemstone has a unique color and pattern. While planning to shop wholesale gemstone jewelry including the big-sized gemstone pendants online, you can give preference to your favorite colors and shape. Shop the big-sized pendants according to your fascinating color choice. Else, choose a pendant that includes your birthstone in a big size.No matter which way you prefer to shop your big-size pendants, the truth remains the same - you will get a wonderfully refreshing and mesmeric look!

Large gemstone pendants – The most important styling tips that one must know

Do you already own big size gemstones? Are you planning to shop big gemstone silver pendant in near future? Well, you must know certain styling rules for wearing this voguish jewelry. The first and foremost rule is to have the right combination of jewelry. Understand it this way. If you are planning to wear pendants having large-sized gemstones in it, make sure that the other jewelry accessories you wear with them have minimalist design and style. You can go for sleek bracelets or any arm jewelry that has a minimum pattern and tiny gems in it. In case, you want to wear only a pendant and ring in your jewelry styling, you can go either for the minimalist pattern ring or can get the one that has a big bold gemstone in it. The point is to create the right balance. If you achieve the right balance, your big-sized gemstone jewelry naturally gets highlighted. On the contrary, when you wear full sets comprising big gemstone necklaces, ring, and bracelets, the balance gets disturbed and you look a bit awkward. Hence, keep this ‘balance’ styling tip in mind whenever you wear your sophisticated and glamorous jewelry have big gems in it. 

The Diverse and Rich Range of Big Size Gemstone Jewelry

When it comes to the range of this jewelry, there is simply no limit! The beautiful shapes of gemstones, vivid colors, and designs all come together to provide you with a diverse and exhaustive range of choices. The big size gemstone silver pendants are one of the most coveted choices in this regard. The strong reasons for the same include easy upkeep, a variety of designs and styles. All you need to take is to keep your precious jewelry in a box that has several compartments in it. This saves and protects your jewelry from getting scratched or damaged. Also, the silver chain attached to the big sized gemstone is detachable and can be cleaned easily even with a few basic tips. However, we would like to emphasize that the gemstones must be cleaned and maintained with the help of professional experts. You can also have a soft jewelry cloth in which you can wrap your pendant and keep it safely in a box having different compartments or divisions. Also, make sure to take off your large gemstone pendants before going for a shower, swimming, gym or any rigorous activity. Keep your jewelry away from any sort of household cleaners, sprays, chemicals, deodorants, and perfumes. 

Make sure to shop big size stone pendants from authentic destinations

It is highly recommended that one should always shop the big sized gemstone pendants and other large gemstone jewelry from authentic and reliable destinations online. Even if you have to spend some extra amount, you must proceed to shop your precious jewelry only from trusted and genuine stores online. You want to enjoy the pure beauty offered by natural gemstones. You also want to relish the healing abilities that are found in every type of natural gem. Remember, all this is possible only when you purchase your jewelry and gemstones from reliable destinations and sellers. Authentic online gemstones and jewelry stores provide real natural gemstones. They also take care of the entire jewelry-making procedure and make sure that your jewelry is delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Take care of all the above points and shop your favorite large gemstone pendants and other big gemstone jewelry now to look remarkable on different occasions!

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  • Cathrin
    Oct 22, 2022, 5:03:39 AM

    With big gemstones, you can pull off an unusual style with any simple and graceful clothing.

  • Ferdic
    Nov 10, 2022, 10:10:31 AM

    Big gemstone jewelry is classic and trendy.

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