Start Your Story With Gemstone King Onyx

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  • Updated On Mar 18, 2020
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Start Your Story With Gemstone King Onyx


If you are new in the world of gemstone jewelry it is only natural to feel confused. There are over 200 recognized gemstones in the world, some categorized as precious stones while most others are semi-precious stones. It is true that only a handful of names are known to all but there are so many others that are rare and quite unknown. When we talk about well-known gemstones, Onyx is a name that should come to anyone’s mind. Do not confuse the gemstone with the limestone by the same name which is so common in interior designing and other manufacturing industries. 


Silver onyx jewelry that you would have seen is a type of banded agate that is made of chalcedony quartz. Onyx is found in many colors which varies according to the bands that run consistently parallel. Though black is the most common color found in Onyx, the gemstone is also found in brown, red, grey and blue. 


Onyx derives its name from the Greek word “onyx” meaning fingernail. There is an interesting Greek legend behind Onyx which we must share. While Aphrodite was sleeping, Eros mischievously cut her fingernails. Seeing this act the gods’ turns her clipped nails into stone which later took the form of Onyx. 


Why You Should Start Your Gemstone Story with Onyx

Gemstones look so good as jewelry that you shouldn’t have two thoughts about starting your love affair with them at the earliest. And what better gemstone than Onyx to start this scintillating affair. However, if you still aren’t convinced about this beautiful gemstone, we give you reasons to fall in love with Onyx rings and other jewelry items.  



Layered Bands and Colors – Onyx has bands and layered colors that distinguish it from other stones. The most common color that you can find in Onyx is black and white bands. You will see that the stone has a black base and a white upper layer. The parallel bands run all along. In case you are looking at a Sard Onyx necklace, you would notice that the base is brown in color. In Cornelian Onyx, you can see a red base. Some stones have only one color in which case can get difficult to see the parallel bands. You can also find completely black colored Onyx. 

Cut For Gemstones and More – Onyx is one of those gemstones which has not only been used in jewelry making but also for making cameos. The use of Onyx is cameos has been going on for centuries. In fact, the Greeks and Romans regularly carved out cameos to insert Onyx. In the olden days, Intaglio etchings were also created using Onyx. You too don’t have to settle simply for an Onyx pendant but can use it as cameos and intaglios. 

Ideal for Gifts – Most gemstones are associated with certain special occasions in life. This is also the case with Onyx. An Onyx necklace will invariably make a beautiful anniversary gift especially for the seventh year of marriage. It is also an anniversary stone for the 10th year of marriage. It is the birthstone for Leos and if you know someone born in the months of July and August, you can definitely think of gifting an Onyx pendant to her.  

Holds Healing Properties – For ages Onyx has been considered a special stone possessing protective properties. The stone helps gain inner strength, self-confidence. It also helps attain mental discipline. Wearing the stone regularly can help drive away negative energies. It also helps to deal with fear and anxiety. The stone is beneficial for the physical body as well as it benefits the hair, skin, teeth, and nails. If you wear Onyx earrings you will feel confident and inner strength. 

Buy Onyx from the Best Online Jewelers

Onyx is not an uncommon stone and is quite readily available. But you have to be aware of fake stones. If you do not have the qualities to identify real stones, it is always better to leave the job to specialists. is an online jewelry store that only sources authentic gemstones from the different corners of the world. You can browse through our extensive Onyx jewelry collection and order anything you like. You can be assured that only authentic items will be shipped to you. You can order single pieces or buy wholesale Onyx jewelry.  

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