Spring 2021 New Jewelry Trend Of Fancy Shape Gemstone Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jul 16, 2021
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Spring 2021 New Jewelry Trend Of Fancy Shape Gemstone Jewelry

The dynamics of fashion and style have dramatically turned aside in the 21st century. Gone are the days when “Hippie” and “Boho” were limited to being fancy slang only. Thanks to the zoomers, these are two of the chicest fashion trends today. Likewise, even the jewelry industry has witnessed a colossal revamp. No modern woman wants “usual” when it comes to jewelry. Today, women like experimenting with their gemstone and its cut, just like Lady Gaga or Kim K did. And turns out, it's actually pretty rad! So if you’re hunting for some cool jewelry inspo, check out these latest Spring 2021 fancy shape jewelry trends which prove how playing around the gemstone cut aloof can take your fashion game up a notch :

For rings that are ravishing

This statement may not be backed by any official statistics, but even you know it's true that every woman loves to wear rings no matter what the age or taste. But duh, it’s high time we move over the regular Princess cut gemstone jewelry, specially when it comes to rings. Take inspiration from the freshest runway looks or your favorite celebrities. Or try something exclusively new. Like, how about a sassy French cut gemstone silver jewelry on your fingers? Sounds great, we know.


For necklaces that mark a statement

What a disgrace it is when the attire is the pure bomb but your necklace is everything ordinary! We know, this sounds like a nightmare. But the good news is that there’s finally a way you can prevent it. It may sound uncanny, but the trends have it - playing around with the gemstone’s cut for a necklace can be a really good idea. Don’t believe us? Go ahead, try getting yourself a Half rose shape jewelry for that sizzling dress. You can thank us later.


For pendants that are alluring

When necklaces don’t fit the occasion, guess which piece of jewelry turns up and becomes our savior for the night? Right - it’s those dangling pendants! So, it’s about time we start paying attention to the little details of our pendants too, just like these bygone spring 2021 trends have. Try out a Pendeloque shape stone silver jewelry, or maybe a Pampel shape sterling silver jewelry instead of your regular pendants. We bet you’re going to love it!


For earrings that make heads turn

For every woman out there who seeks to make each hair-flip look like a diva’s, here’s spilling its secret sauce for you. Hair-flips look essentially gorgeous when there's stunning jewelry complimenting them. And what could that be? Legends know this - earrings make a large difference in making your whole face look prettified, let alone that one hair-flip. And the way these recent trends have revolutionized this very piece of jewel is nothing but pure genius. So, move over your everyday studs, girl! This Ball-shaped gemstone jewelry trend is here to stay and slay.


For bracelets that rave elegance

Bracelets may have arrived last on our list but don’t let this deceive you. This mystical piece of jewelry is just as important as the rest, plainly because it adds a speck of elegance to any look. So, if you’re a fan of this ornament packed with rich gemstones, we suggest you give a Table cut gemstone jewelry or a Trapeze shape gem jewelry for your wrists a try. That’s what the recent lookbooks have to say.


The thing about fashion is that it’s ever-changing. Whether it’s the outfit or the accessories, change is necessary for fashion. Spring of 2021 gave us some jaw-dropping gemstone jewelry inspo, big time. So if you are a person who likes being aligned with the recent trends taking place in the world of bling-bling, this article covers all of it for you. Try out these elegant fancy shape gemstone jewelry trends right now!

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  • Dane
    Sep 2, 2022, 7:10:18 AM

    An outfit does matter always. the thing about fashion is that it's ever-changing. Whether it's the outfit or the accessories, change is necessary for fashion.

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