Selena Gomez - "Be yourself always, there's no one better!"

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Selena Gomez - "Be yourself always, there's no one better!"

Folk and Career Diary

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Born and brought up in Grand Prairie at Texas, Selena Marie Gomez is a God’s Gift for her mother Mandy Teefey, who belongs to Italian descent. Her pops, Ricardo Gomez, a part of Mexican descent was originally from Mexico. Later, they both formed a line in between sorting out each other in 1997.

The ultimate talent of her, unveiled in 2001, when she stepped out as Gianna but perhaps Gold had decided something “more” and again “best” for her, that’s why she was expelled from this series later on.

Selena’s soon comeback was for few minutes in 2003, in the movie “Spy Kids 3D: Game Over. After that she was again introduced to the Reel World as “Julie”, in the film Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire (2005), in Brain Zapped as “Emily Grace Garcia” in 2006. This year her sweet voice too stepped on the stage as she recorded a song for her movie “Brain Zapped”. She too spotted as a guest in the movie, “The Suite of Zack and Cody” as “Gwen” in the year 2005 and as “Mikayla” an evil in 2006 for “Hanna Montana”. The two series of Disney, was another chance for her, to again prove her talent.


Selena’s first animated act revealed in 2008 in the movie “Horton Hears a Who!” was amazing.  Her best starring roles were for the movies, Another Cinderella Story and two of Disney Channel Original Movies.

This year, Selena was honored by a nomination for the Billboard Music Awards for the category of “Top Social Artist”. Too she earned BMI Pop Awards for her Awards-Wining Songs of “Slow Down”. The Non-Stop victory of her started in 2010 which is on the runway till date.

Style-n-Jewelry Gallery

Steal the exclusive and be the apart style of Selena Gomez. Let’s check out what’s new and hot in her closet. Being in love with short dresses, Selena Gomez transformed her sweet princess sugary style to stunning “Red Carpet Diva”.


Recently, she caught rocking in her black leather romper at a show. In fact, her Coffee Look” too leaves the beings astonished as was revealing her glamor in a pleated skirt and crop top. She too looks damn spectacular in her sporty casuals. Her classy gape was sprinkling out in her leopard attire. Her white long-sleeves playsuit was too raising her gorgeous gaze.


From the metallic tattoo jewels and towards the bewitching chic and precious one, Selena Gomez enjoyed wearing all kinds of stuff. Let’s explore her jewel look. She fails to stop herself to look even more glorious than a sec-before. Be it danglers, chandelier, hoops or studs, Selena stuns in all ear pieces. Even her statement necklaces turn the head all around.

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