Schmaltzy Touch in Designs of Rings adds Personal significance

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  • Updated On Oct 9, 2019
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Schmaltzy Touch in Designs of Rings adds Personal significance

Doyle and Doyle renowned for its antique and vintage jewelry collection convoke the jewelry lovers from all across the globe for an exposition. The exhibition held at their store soon became the center of attraction for their symbolic rings that soaked in with personal meanings.

Doyle and Doyle of New York is a jewelry boutique; this house showcases some mesmerizing antique rings from the 17th-20th C in an exhibition. The wide range of these rings displays the sentiments of the people of these centuries. Every beautiful inscription or symbol on the ring exhibits the sentimental journey attached to it.

amethysts diamonds ring


New York that was earlier famous for meat packing and known as meatpacking district. Now the city is renowned for its fashion Flaggschiff as well as ‘high concept’ restaurants, Doyle & Doyle make and maintain its position science 1998. It is a world’s preeminent auctioneer and evaluator of artistic jewelry. The appraiser of artistic jewelry makes them the paramount collectors of the estate, vintage, and antique jewelry. With every step of success, this eminent boutique has proven itself with flagship millennials and doyen collectors.

crown heart pear shaped sapphire ring


‘The Vault’ is a jewelry exhibition with a curated collection close to the hearts of their possessors. The second series of ‘The Vault’ accentuate the explicit genres of bling. The exhibition is insipid by the idea ‘show me your ring’ captivate the attention admirers even more.

locket ring


The entitle"Sentimental Rings: From Birth to Death and In-Between" curate a showcase of 34 beguile pieces. The displayed rings dates from 1650 to the mid of 20th century gains curiosity of the visitants, as the beautiful creation or inscription of the rings symbolize personal meanings.

diamond portrait ring


Elizabeth Doyle, a co-owner of Doyle and Doyle fashion house give credence to the trust that rings are the only jewelry forms that are linked with the sentiments of a person. Right through the history Signum rings signifies the distinctiveness in relationship as well as fastens agreements in the kinship.

double lovers knot ring


Engagement or wedding rings symbolize the unique bond between two people in a wedded life furthermore mourning rings depicts the commemoration of a soul after death.

engagement ring


The ardent and cheerful team of Doyle and Doyle gather the rings from a multiplicity of resources. The personal collectors from their collection loaned their jewelry items to the expo. A gold Victorian ring that is hemmed in by the beautiful gem nuggets and a baby's tooth that is embedded in the annulus is a foundation of a Doyle and Doyle fashion house.

mizpah gold band


Doyle and Doyle too acquire a sentimental acrostic ring that contemplates as a love token, spells “regard”. The initials of the charismatic gemstones used in this ring formulate the word “regard”. R from Ruby, E & G from Emerald and Garnet moreover A, R&D initials are taken from amethyst, ruby, and diamond.

english regard ring


Danielle Miele, Gem Gossip website’s blogger, helps to curate the collection of the rings. Miele’s ring too gains the attention of the visitants at the clasped hands of the engagement ring made up of retro gold and diamond symbolize the trust as well as the cherished love.

gimmel ring

The peculiarity of the expo was that each of the visitants gets a brochure unfolding the hidden significance of the rings along with their symbols.

twin heart snake ring

The research team of Doyle & Doyle keenly observes the history of the rings and mark out the identities of some showcased mourning rings in the expo. The team furthermore traced the identity of those memorialized by mourning rings in the expo and found current photos of the places where they formerly existed. 

mourning ring gold black

mourning ring

The collection showcased in the exposition was not for sale as the slogan of the expo was simply to demonstrate the uncommon beauty of the things people possess as well as the emotions bound to them.

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