Reasons Why Morganite Stone Used in Engagement Ring

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Reasons Why Morganite Stone Used in Engagement Ring

Looking for an exquisite engagement ring? Well, considering diamond for it is very common, let us tell you something more trendy and unique for this special day. MORGANITE! Morganite is a gemstone that is a close cousin to emerald and aquamarine; rather it is a mineral that includes both. Morganite is a rare stone name after the finance JP Morgan. It ranges in color from pale blush to rose, peach, and salmon and is all known as vorobevite. 

Mostly the stones of the lighter shade of a family are found in bulk but what is demanded more is the stones of deeper shades. Morganite is therefore heat-treated to get rid of its light yellow-orangish tints and achieve a pretty pink that doesn't fade. Morganite is considered as a symbol of divine love. It brings to you all the compassion, assurance, promise, care and etc. that are essential to lead a happy marriage. 

Benefits of Morganite: why consider Morganite in place of a diamond?

Durability: Morganite makes a great alternative to diamonds. When you compare it on the Mohs scale of hardness, it stands in between 7.5 to 8 whereas diamond comes on 10. It means morganite is sturdy enough and if you properly take care of morganite engagement ring then it will sparkle for a lifetime.

Unique: Diamond is very popular now whereas morganite is gradually gaining popularity. The Morganite Silver Jewelry looks stunning and simply different from all other jewelry items. Wear it for parties and get-togethers and it is for sure that people are going to stop by to ask about your morganite gemstone and appreciate it.

Beautiful colors: Morganite comes in a range of alluring colors. It starts from pale pink to levelly violet. The most preferred colors are pink and salmon. Women generally pick pink morganite engagement rings as it looks plush and delicate.

Sparkling: One of the biggest benefits of morganite is that they emit a lot of light. When an overhead light or sunlight falls on it, it sparkles, catching the eyes of people around you.

Affordability: An important concern; morganite comes with a very economical price tag. Instead of buying a tiny diamond for thousands of dollars, the smarter brides are now preferring to pick on a prettier and larger stone at a small price. 

Besides all these, morganite healing properties are:

Morganite is a stone which swells the heart and warms the soul. The gentle pink energy of it attunes to the heart chakra. It cleanses the emotional body and rekindles self. It raises you above from stress, anxiety, hidden traumas, and old wounds. It serves for a higher purpose in life. It assists in spiritual growth and acts as a catalyst in moving forward with peace and confidence. Morganite is not just the stone for brides, it is equally good for lawyers, accountants, people starting new businesses and bank managers. It brings in the required firmness, stability, and effective communication skills. On the physical front, morganite assists the larynx, tongue, thyroid gland, and aids in treatments for vertigo and impotence. It is excellent to treat asthma, tuberculosis as well as lung-related disease. In all morganite is a great buy and is a perfect stone for the ones who love to have a different stone jewelry collection

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