Process to Import Wholesale Silver Jewelry from Outside India

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Process to Import Wholesale Silver Jewelry from Outside India

The world of wholesale jewelry is full of equal and enormous opportunities for both buyers and sellers. On a larger scale, the jewelry imports and exports business opens up further benefits for the sellers, buyers, and customers as well. Importing sterling silver jewelry from a country which has got a wonderful global reputation (in wholesale silver jewelry export) can be beneficial for any wholesale jewelry company or businessman. Undoubtedly, India is considered as an amazing destination when it comes to importing silver jewelry. You too can import wholesale sterling silver jewelry from outside India. However, there is a specific process and certain norms that you need to follow. Let's take a look at the basic procedure of importing wholesale silver jewelry from outside India.

Gain detailed information about Indian customs, taxes, and duty - Being a foreign business person, you need to have good knowledge about Indian customs, taxes, and duty. Be it the silver jewelry business or something else, you need to know about all the legal formalities related to importing jewelry from India.

Get your import license – The first important step that you need to follow in this direction is to get your import license. Your import license adds authenticity to your profile and you become legally stronger to import jewelry from India. Even the Indian silver jewelry wholesalers would like to confirm and check your import license. Having an import license means:

  • You have the legal right to import products from a foreign land.
  • You are a verified and licensed business person.
  • You can be trusted by other business authorities.

Make a list of best silver jewelry wholesalers – Once you have done your own homework and research for importing silver jewelry from India, it's now time to shortlist some of the best jewelry wholesalers. Given below are several ways that will help you do so. 

  • Check online and find out the names of best Indian jewelry wholesalers. 
  • Talk with your trusted people to find out some good names.
  • Read online reviews to get a fairer idea about authentic Indian wholesalers.
  • Check out their offered price and compare it with others.
  • Try to find out the quality of sterling silver jewelry products offered by the Indian wholesalers.

Verify the essential details – Just as you need to be equipped with essential documents while wishing to import silver jewelry from India, the Indian wholesale jewelers also need to have the essential documents, license, etc before they proceed for a business deal with you. Based on your acquired knowledge of importing jewelry from India, you can cross-check and verify the necessary details.

Connect with the Indian exporters of wholesale sterling silver jewelry – When you have shortlisted the ‘best out of rest’ options in your Indian wholesale silver jewelers list, you can now try to connect with them.

Choose the best option for wholesale sterling silver jewelry import from India – After communicating with several chosen options, you can finalize and select the best silver jewelry wholesaler for a perfect deal. 

Keep the above points in mind while trying to import wholesale silver jewelry from outside India

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