Pick your Style! All about types of Finger Bands

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Pick your Style! All about types of Finger Bands

Thought as an emblem, rings stand for grace, charm, beauty, style, and elegance. For the females but males too, these bands hold an eminence in the jewel stream. The trend of the jewelry switches with the pattern which is why; various rings have taken birth with distinctive motifs.

Clutching endless choice for the jewels and of the finger pieces, the gorgeous bees always found buzzing at the jewelry store. Most of us are still confused with the styles which come of the rings. Some like to load their fingers with many rings whereas some opt for simple bands. With the swinging choice, many designs of finger pieces have come to dawn.  

Let’s find out various silver rings style usually picked: 

Antique Bands

With the wedding bands, the chic bands are also in trend, made with any material, and are rising in the market.



Sculpt Rings

To give an era touch to the rings, the carving is done either by hand or tool. Forms of carving are not specific as some go for floral patterns; some follow a theme and so on.




Bead Band

Woven using any metal wire or synthetic fiber thread, this pattern is prepared using colorful and magnificent beads. The gaudy blob adds classiness to the piece.

bead ring


Gem Rings

To bestow the complementing choice, the vibrant talismans may be precious or exotic one, are embellished on the jewel piece, which you may match with your outfit. This invites the playful mood towards the carrier.



Cocktail Rings

Usually worn at dinner, these statement rings are too adorned with the boulder gem that goes perfectly with any attire. The gleam just enhances ‘Her” opulent look.


 Trinity Ring 

Come in a team, these three bands are generally made with three typical materials that go as pink gold, white or yellow gold and sterling white silver


Solitaire Rings

Synonym of “Engagement Bands”, these are designed with a single and focused gem, mostly with the dear diamonds.


love solitaire silver cocktail ring


Bunch Rings

Going with its tag, this finger piece is crowned with a cluster of stones engraved at one stop.


Eternity Rings

These, like a rule styled band motif, are embossed mostly with the diamond pieces.


Stack Rings

An array of pieces, worn as a gang, suits the modish style lovers.


Floral Rings

Designed with petals, these rings look fabulous on all the occasions.

Adjustable Rings

These are styled to get adjust in two fingers which seems to be unique and magnetize the attention.


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