Most Trusted Source of Wholesale Ammolite Jewelry

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  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Most Trusted Source of Wholesale Ammolite Jewelry

Reflecting beautiful play of iridescent colors when light falls upon it, the fossil gemstone “Ammolite” has been rightly named ‘sleeping beauty of the gem world’. This organic gemstone resembles opal and is also known as Korite and Calcite. The stone comes from the prehistoric ammonite creature that got fossilized over the years. One of the unique points about ammolite gemstone is that it does not come in any explicit or precise hue, rather; it contains a dash of different hues like orange, red, blue, violet, etc. At present, the ammolite gemstone and silver ammolite jewelry have become very popular all over the world. If you wish to buy wholesale ammolite jewelry, you should definitely be aware of the most trusted sources for the same. Let us take a look below and find out those sources!

Gemexi – a Best & most trusted source for wholesale ammolite jewelry

Serving and satisfying customers worldwide for years, this online gemstone and jewelry destination hails from India. When you buy wholesale ammolite jewelry, silver ammolite jewelry, ammolite pendants, ammolite rings, ammolite earrings or ammolite necklaces from this portal, you can stay assured about the following:

  • Unparalleled and uncompromised quality
  • Best & authentic gemstones and jewelry
  • Knowledgeable and supportive customer care service
  • Quick delivery
  • And, always keeping the promise of “What you see is what you get!”

Gemexi is the most trusted name when it comes to wholesale jewelry. It delivers you nothing less than best! The Gemexi team prepares its own sketches, think of creative designs and concepts and then discuss with its artisans’ team who shape up the imagination into reality. Helping you get the excellent quality wholesale ammolite jewelry, silver ammolite jewelry and other types of jewelry, this portal has the following feathers in its cap of success!

  • Collection of more than 250 exotic gemstones
  • Over 150,000 pieces of jewelry ready in stock
  • It gives you 10% off on signing up along with life-long benefits.
  • More than 1 million satisfied customers

Korite Jewelry

Korite jewelry is another trusted source when it comes to buying wholesale ammolite jewelry. It is teamed up with designated designers as well as retail partners for international and local sales of wholesale jewelry. Korite jewelry can be found in almost 28 countries worldwide. Proving excellent quality ammolite jewelry is the main objective of this brand. Displaying exceptional craftsmanship and great quality in its jewelry products, this name is definitely worth trusting when it comes to buying wholesale ammolite jewelry.

Canadian ammolite

If you are in search of an extensive and trustworthy ammolite jewelry collection which gives beautiful looking ammolite rings, ammolite pendants, ammolite necklaces, ammolite earrings, and ammolite bracelets, you ought to check out the Canadian ammolite portal. It shows you a wide range of wholesale ammolite jewelry. You can check out the high-quality pics along with the price. Apart from gorgeous looking silver ammolite jewelry, this portal also provides wholesale ammolite jewelry for males.

The very popular HKTDC

HKTDC simply stands for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council which is indeed another trustworthy source for buying all sorts of wholesale jewelry including the wholesale ammolite jewelry. Founded in 1966, this is actually a place where you can see all reliable jewelry manufacturers, exporters, and wholesalers of Hong Kong. This body also keeps on organizing international jewelry exhibitions, conferences, etc. and also provides business chances to jewelry companies. It is a well-known name in the local and international jewelry market.

Get beautiful looking silver wholesale ammolite jewelry in an authentic manner at Apart from jewelry, you can also get Feng Shui ammonites and ammonite fossils here. The site also features a knowledge center so that various customers can enhance their knowledge of gemstones and jewelry.


Darlin Jewellers was established by Darryl Darby in the year 1992. The founder is a knowledgeable and experienced person who has done in-depth research on ammolite gemstone. The firm also deals in custom ammolite jewelry. The wholesale ammolite jewelry range available here is extensive and alluring. You can surely discover many tempting designs at Darlin-jewellers. Focusing on innovative patterns and uncompromised quality of jewelry, this source can be trusted for satisfying services in jewelry deals.

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