Most Trending Simple & Elegant Raw Gems Wire Wrapped Studs in 2022

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  • Updated On Jan 6, 2022
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Most Trending Simple & Elegant Raw Gems Wire Wrapped Studs in 2022

Sparkling with adorable colors and luster, the natural and original gemstones are found all across our planet. They are always in demand not only because of their exquisite and stunning appearance but also because of their amazing healing properties. These natural gemstones are cut, polished, and created into fine jewelry forms and we always see them in their best forms. But wearing the raw gems has its own special feel as well as value. The rough jewelry is made of raw gems meaning these gems are used as much as possible in their raw forms. This simply means that the raw sparkling gems are kept quite far from the processes of polishing, etc. When you wear these gems, you feel more connected to Mother Nature. Moreover, such jewels speak about your taste and trust in being natural and original.

The popularity of raw gemstone jewelry is growing every day. Especially, when it is about the earrings, the gems in their rough form remain much in demand. Here, we talk about the wire-wrapped gem earrings wherein the gems are used in rough form. Let us discuss the most popular wire wrapped raw gems earrings and wire wrapping styles (earrings) of 2022.

Various wire wrapping styles in studs

The popular wire wrapping styles for studs include the following:
  1. Coiled form
  2. Loop form
  3. Geometrical shape wraps
  4. Linear wrap
  5. Zigzag wrap
  6. Parallel linear pattern
  7. Circular wire wrap
  8. Wire wraps in their own designs like flowers, stars etc. (In such form, the wire is wrapped in such a style that it forms its own unique shape and then the gemstone is embedded inside the wire at the appropriate place.)
silver gems wire wrapped stud  wire wrapped raw gems earrings  wire wrapped raw gems earrings

Most Trending Wires Wrapped Gem Studs (2022)

  1. Raw sodalite studs in gold wire – The raw sodalite gem earrings, especially the studs, are going to remain there on the fashion block of 2022. The best part of sodalite gem is that it comes in many beautiful and vibrant colors like deep royal blue, energetic yellow shade, refreshing green hue, royal and rich violet. You can also observe a lovely catchy vein pattern in the sodalite gems. The color and sparkle of this gem increases further when it is presented in form of wire wrapped earring. The gold wire wrapped raw sodalite studs are one of the most popular earring styles of 2022.
  2. Rose quartz stud earrings wrapped in silver wire – Those who love wearing the lighter shades in gemstones, rose quartz will serve the purpose well. The fashion forecasts suggest that rose quartz will be there in fashion mantra of this year. You can explore a beautiful range of wire wrapped rose quartz earrings online. Rose quartz is known to fill your heart with love. It is one of the best gemstones for those who wish to get love in their life.
  3. Wire wrapped pearl earrings – The pearls are wrapped in many beautiful ways and presented in form of lovely studs. One can discover single pearls wrapped in gold/silver wire or double pearls wrapped in single wires. Both ways, the pearl studs in wire-wrap design look amazing!
  4. Diamonds wrapped creatively in wires – The sparkling look of diamonds look even more catchy when presented in form of wire wrapped earrings. The charm and shine of diamonds is infinite and that’s the reason why your jewelry collection remains incomplete without few beautiful wire wrapped diamond earrings.  
silver gems wire wrapped stud  wire gemstone earrings  wire gemstone earrings

Importance of silver wire wrapped studs

While a raw crystal can be wrapped in a wire made of gold or other metals but when it comes to popularity, look and easy maintenance, silver tops the list. The silver wire wrapped studs look quite impressive. Moreover, they can be worn on almost every occasion. The combination of silver and rough gemstone looks amazing! Silver is also a great choice for those who want to own something that never goes out of fashion.

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  • Alyn
    Sep 13, 2022, 6:27:40 AM

    This is the simplest way of wearing stones. A raw crystal can be wrapped in a wire made of gold or other metals but when it comes to popularity, look and easy maintenance, silver tops the list.

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