Mila Kunis - A Goldfish with one Brown and Other Green Eye!

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Mila Kunis - A Goldfish with one Brown and Other Green Eye!

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Folk and Career Diary

Mila Kunis took birth on 14 August 1983 as Milena Kunis in the Ukrainian city at Chernivtsi. Kunis at 7 immigrated with her parents, Elvira, her mother and Mark, her father and too with her two older brothers. Eventually, after that, they got still and chosen Los Angeles for their dream home.

The initial step of the Kunis family was quite rough and even though as they were with just having $250 in their safe when they entered the new place. But to stand with a better life with the family members, kunis’s parents drop their professional careers to get uprooted again. Mark, being a renowned mechanical engineer, let go of himself to be a cab driver, whole her mother, Elvira who was a known Physics Professor in Ukraine was found operating a pharmacy.

After completing her first semester of college, Mila realized her inborn talent, her flair for acting, connecting her real life to reel one. At her age of 9, getting inspired from her hard-work her father enrolled her at Beverly Hill Studio which was too known for kid’s acting programs.

There, a manager of talent, Susan Curtis geared up Mila’s career and made her land as a young actress in various high-profile TV endorsements.

Did you remember an inspirational saying, “when there is a will, there is a way”, same case was with Kunis. Various opportunities started knocking her door day-by-day. She was too proposed for hosting The John Larroquette Show on NBC and 7th Heaven of The WB Television Network.

In 1998, Mila got stroked by her biggest and foremost break ever when she was 14. She acted as Jackie Burkhart in That ‘70s Show in the new Fox sitcom. She performed well as a shrill, egoistic rich girl where she showcased her best comic timing. Her applauded work soon landed her to a cartoon, Fox’s Family Guy to offer her voice for the main character, Meg Griffin.

While managing her busy career on TV, Kunis too succeeded to direct her root into the film sector. In 2001, she joined a drama Get Over It with her co-star, Kristen Dunst. After a year, she was cast a role in opposite to Macaulay Culkin for American Psycho II, which lead them to romantic dating. This lovely couple stayed together till 2010.

Ending That ‘70s Show in the year 2006, Mila, with her faster pace continued her walk on the reel ramp.  Landing her breakout role in 2008 as a caretaker of a royal hotel named, Rachel which too starred Russell Brand and Jason Segel. Critics and audience too caught admiring her damn good performance.

In 2010, Kunis found tough acclaim in her way for Black Swan, a thriller. In it Natalie Portman was her co-star. Those 20 pounds for seven weeks training as a ballerina felt sweet in taste for her. This led her earning the nominations of Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe Awards for her best supporting role.

In 2011, Kunis again made the audience laugh by her comedy role in Friends with Benefits which teamed her with Justin Timberlake. In the year 2012, Mark Wahlberg paired her in again a comedy movie, Ted.

Despite being a successful actress, Kunis still says that she has not forgotten her past and neither will, for whom, even an English word was strange when she first stepped in United States.

Words deep from her heart, "We came to this country with literally nothing, and so any level of success is important to us," Kunis has said. "[My parents] never wanted me to become an actress because it's such an unstable and unpredictable profession. When you're immigrants, and you have to work hard for everything just to survive, it's only natural that you worry about having a stable job and income. But I think now they're more or less convinced that I'm doing pretty well and they don't have to worry about my career prospects anymore."

For eight years, Kunis and Macaulay Culkin, Home Alone star dated each other for about eight years but got split in the year 2011.

After a year, in 2012, Mila began walking hand-in-hand with Ashton Kutcher, her co-star for longtime and coincidently her on-screen lover in That ‘70s Show. In fact, their engaged relation was in news and too Kunis confirmed that they were expecting baby. They both welcomed their newbie, Wyatt Isabelle Kutchern in year 2014 on 30th September. In year 2015, Kutcher and Kunis got happily married.

Style-n-Jewelry Gallery

Mila Kunis leave the beings amazed not only by her perfect acting but too by her sleek cuts.

Let’s check out her major fashion which makes the people talk about.


Mila looks simple in her white with interesting twin-breasted vest and a half-un-zipped skirt.


Not only in short, has Kunis looked astoundingly alluring in long outfits too.


Even Kunis’s post-baby look has left many astonished. Expecting her little out-of-shape, you too would go mad watching her stunning gawk.


Her glamorous gaze even can’t leave us mute, it makes us gossiping about her bewitching look ever.


Purple, floor-kissing fascinating gown with the deep-U neckline, framing her face perfectly is to keeping her aside from the crowd.

Being, an authentic ambassador of Gemfieds, a renowned jewelry brand, Kunis is revealing her sensational jewelry face ever.


Gemfields new campaign featured an opulent look of Mila showcasing more striking emerald jewels.


In fact, she wore Gemfields Mozambican for the grand premiere of Jupiter Ascending.

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