Meaning, History and Healing Benefits of Beads Jewelry

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  • Updated On Aug 22, 2022
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Meaning, History and Healing Benefits of Beads Jewelry

The sparkling tiny beads perfectly cut, shaped, and set into various jewelry forms look astonishingly lovely! The exhaustive cuts, exquisite look, and wide color palette in beads have made them a great element that can be creatively used in jewelry making. The bead's jewelry looks quite sophisticated and adds a touch of superb elegance to your appearance.  Today, you can find attractive beads jewelry collections with a variety of jewelry forms including earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, or rings. Especially, the adjustable beads ring is quite a trend. The beads made of gemstones have their unique look and high demand. You can find rose quartz beads, amethyst beads, green chalcedony beads, and many more other catchy choices. Owning a few stylish and engrossing adjustable beads rings, 925 silver beads bracelets, and other bead's jewelry can help you jazz up your look in a few seconds. 

If you are a fan of the beautiful beads jewelry and exploring the beads jewelry collection for shopping for more beads jewels, you must also update your knowledge and information related to this beautiful jewelry. This article discusses the lovely meaning, history, and amazing healing benefits associated with the bead's jewelry. 

Beads – The Associated Meaning& Symbolism

As far as the literal meaning of beads is concerned, the beads can be defined as small pieces made of different materials like glass, wood, crystal, etc. that are given a smooth finish and fine shape (mostly round). Beads have holes in it and they are sewn or put together on a single thread or chain made of different types of materials.
Beads symbolize various meanings; some of the most important ones are mentioned below. Beads symbolize:
  1. Protection
  2. Progress
  3. Unification
  4. Fortune
  5. Femininity
  6. Beauty
  7. Fertility
  8. Success
  9. Good Luck 

History of Beads

Let us now talk about the history of beads. Many of you must be thinking that beads might not have as much interesting history as other gemstones or jewelry. But on the contrary, the history of beads is quite expanded and exciting. To begin with, let us tell you that the earliest found beads are almost 38,000 BC old! These beads were found in France (La Quina). Beads have been found in various locations and countries around the world and the shreds of evidence indicate that these beautiful tiny treasures have been in use since thousands of years ago! It is also important to mention that in the earlier times, beads were not only used as items of personal adornments. They were also used for the purpose of trading. People used to trade beads for a good amount of value. Apart from jewelry and trading purposes, beads have also been used as amulets. The beads have existed in various forms and they have evolved a lot with time. Even during the ancient period, the beads as well as beads of stone jewelry existed in a wide variety. There were beads that were made of bones, animal teeth, animal horns, glass, wood, shells and other things. Handcrafted bead jewelry has been found in different parts of the world. in fact, there are indications that particular types of beads originated from specific locations. For instance, the quill handcrafted beads were found in Central America and South America. There are clear mentions of beads made by the Native American tribes. While the oldest beads were discovered in France, the beautiful ceramic beads and worry beads came from Greece. Italy also produced beautiful handcrafted beads that were made of Murano glass. In a nutshell, it can be said that the history of beads is quite wide and delights us with the existence of different types of alluring beads hailing from different origins. 

Healing Benefits of Beads Jewelry

You must be already owning or planning to buy elegant bead jewelry. While you shop and flaunt your classic choice in jewelry by wearing a magnificent adjustable beads ring or have your own unique collection of 925 silver beads bracelets, you must know that wearing beads hasits own healing benefits. The important benefits of wearing the stunning bead jewelry have been mentioned below: 
  1. Different types of beads are used for specific healing purposes. For instance, the beads made of Tiger Eye gemstones or the Turquoise beads are found to be helpful in meditation. Those who find a problem focusing can take help and improve their power of concentration by wearing fascinating Tiger eye beads bracelets or turquoise jewelry. 
  2. The beads made from various gemstones help in emitting positive vibes that affect your mood and health in a positive manner.
  3. Wearing the bead's jewelry also helps instill spirituality. 
  4. The rose quartz beads are used for inviting love in life. One can also strengthen and improve the relationship with his or her soulmate by wearing the astonishing rose quartz bead jewelry. 
  5. Wearing the pretty jewelry made of beads helps inculcate truth-speaking habits, better communication, and logical thinking too. 
  6. The lapiz lazuli beads are considered to be quite helpful in combating various issues and ailments related to the heart.
  7. The jewelry made of beads is considered to bring balance to chakras. 
Whether you wish to align your body chakras or want to improve your communication or focus power, whether you wish to attract luck, love, or opulence in your life, or simply want to get a sophisticated attractive look for a special occasion, the beads jewelry will always be there to help you in every possible way! Check out the comprehensive bead jewelry collection now!

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