Las Vegas becomes a Hub of Fashionable Jewelry

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Las Vegas becomes a Hub of Fashionable Jewelry

The retro look in jewelry fashion is evocative and was seen at the couture show in Las Vegas. The aspiration of the olde worlde fashion jewelry, when redesigned with a stroke of modernity, creates a sensation in the marketplace.

Jewelry artists use their artistic power in the show by dedicating a fresh spin to the mesmerizing jewelry of the period 1920.


Couture Vegas Awards

Art Deco, the most influential visual design of the fourth dimension of World War I, brings revolution in the art designs of the jewelry. Nevertheless in the fashion of the 21st century the influence of the Art Deco can be well visualized in the jewelry trend.

Art, imagination, and creativity are the strong pillars of the jewelry designing, and that is what we got to see in the Couture Show Las Vegas. In the year 2015, the indicative signs of the gemstones act as a sagacious tale in the display of artistic jewelry.


The use of turquoise and gold grasp the attention of the visitants and line themselves to win the race of the becoming the show stopper. The sharp geometric patterns influenced by the Art Deco got the soft touch by the sporadic use of the garish colors of that era. The colors demonstrate the influence of the era where as on the other hand the geometric shapes bespeak the touch of modernity.

The 22 carat gold ring that is decorated with the beautiful chains of diamonds and emerald in the center is a betoken of a romance in a language of jewelry.

The jewelry designer, Jane Taylor in her ring proves this love notion right. Her designs hold a great inclination towards the patterns or designs used in the Deco or the Boho period, but with a touch of snazziness. The spirit of her jewelry designs are notable, and that spirit makes her designs award winning.

couture blues jane taylor the sword swalllower ring

Jane Taylor the Sword Swalllower Ring


In the language of jewelry designing the designs of Art Deco jewelry are pronounced, vivid as well as flamboyant. So when reinvented with the modern touch the jewelry becomes more elegant to use in day to day life and suits with every wardrobe.

Maiyet jewelry is that pattern used in jewelry designing that proffers the designers to fabricate slim and spiky designs. Jane Taylor, who uses the Maiyet jewelry in crafting her collection invent newer and mesmerizing style of jewelry. She fabricates the prickly bracelets that use black horn and diamonds as well as malachite and diamonds.

Maiyet Stacking Bracelets

Maiyet Stacking Bracelets

A pair of Maiyet Starburst white opal earrings looks like a beautiful white night of white opal, and removable starbursts of diamonds is too an inspirational design of Art Deco.

Maiyet Starburst Earrings

Maiyet Starburst Earrings

White and black diamond combination in an ear cuff at Silvia Furmanovich is too an inspiration of Art Deco.

Silvia Furmanovich Ear Cuffs With Cuffsset

Silvia Furmanovich Ear Cuffs With Cuffsset


A pair of drop earrings of the jewelry house, Jemma Wynne, is a classic jewel piece that gives a vibe of a compounding of both Deco and modernity.

Jemma Wynne Earrings

Jemma Wynne Earrings


The revival collection by Jenny Klatt is an influence of the patterns and color combination of the Art Deco as well as costume jewelry. The collection epitomizes luxury, fashion moreover glamor, the chain used in the designs embodies a pattern of costume jewelry whereas the geometric shapes encapsulate the symmetry that fills the negative space with the positive one.

The craze for Art Deco can not only be seen in the jewelry patterns but in the architectural patterns too, the epitomize the Chrysler Building of New York. The skyline of New York City, it is a home for a Fred Leighton a renowned fashion house of vintage jewelry. Fred Leighton too fabricates the new elucidations of designs, inspired by the era renowned for its artistry. The design of Leighton is a beautiful gold cuff embedded with the cabochon emerald.

Fred Leighton Emerald And Gold Cuff

Fred Leighton Emerald And Gold Cuff


The designs that were once used in the 1920s and held the eminence of the baguette cut gems begins to be an inspired style that is closely associated with Art Deco. The baguette cut speculates as clean patterns used in geometry to enhance the beauty of the designs as well as the beauty of the gemstone.

Nikos Koulis, also use the simple geometric pattern with the baguette cut gemstone in his open collar Universe necklace inspired by the creative styles of the Art Deco. He uses the rows of emerald and diamond in his inventive neck piece.

Nikos Koulis Universe Necklace With Diamonds And Emeralds

Nikos Koulis Universe Necklace With Diamonds And Emeralds


On the other hand, Nam Cho likewise uses the attraction of baguette cut gems in her necklace. She uses the baguette cut Kyanite and Sapphire to amplify the charisma of the necklace. The necklace is an inspiration of two idiosyncratic styles one is Navajo warrior, and another is Deco diva.

Nam Cho Baguette Necklace

Nam Cho Baguette Necklace


The awe-inspiring jewelry displayed at the Couture Show speculates as stupendous jewel pieces fabricated in the year 2015. One was the Emerald ring crafted by the Arman Sarkisyan that was inspired by the 1920’s era. Further, to give its ring a touch and sheen of historic period Sarkisyan uses the 22k gold along with the oxidized silver.

arman sarkisyan emerald ring

Arman Sarkisyan Emerald Ring


Emeralds and sunburst designs were one of the widely used gemstones in the Deco era, but Arman Sarkisyan uses his creativity by using and redesigning the same pattern with a different tint of the gemstone. Not only this he too encircles the sunburst in an aureole of blackish hue silver.

Mizuki, a renowned jewelry designer, known for her deliberately simple designs has too redesigned her open hoop earrings that show the inspirational touch of the Art Deco style.

Mizuki Earrings

Mizuki Earrings


Further, the patina of blue or the beautiful colors of the sea in a gemstone grab the attention of the visitants at the Courter Show. The shades of blue may vary, but this year the beauty of blue is seen everywhere. Precious stones with blue hues that range from Turquoise and Blue Sapphires to Tanzanite and Iolite is worth seeing.

Irene Neuwirth, a leading fashion house showcases its jewelry at the show that was greatly inspired by the Pacific Ocean. The house uses the wide range of jewel gems in its creations, and the mix and match of the stones are Tanzanite and sapphires along with charismatic Oplas, multi-colored tourmalines as well as Emeralds.

couture blues irene neuwirth one of a kind necklace.

Irene Neuwirth One Of A Kind Necklace


Nam Cho wove her designs with a simple combination, and this can be viewed in her astonishingly crafted sapphire and kyanite earrings. In fact, the pattern of her has been simple like always.

couture blues nam cho earrings

Nam Cho Earrings

The Canadian fine jewelry designer, Holly Dyment crafted the Heart pendant where she uses the vibrant mixes of colors that attracts the attention of the visitants. She opens heartedly use the combination of Iolite and Amethyst in addition to the blue enamel.

Couture Blues Holly Dyment Blue Eye Pendant

Holly Dyment Blue Eye Pendant

Temple St Clair fabricates the owl ring that uses the tints of Ocean beautifully. The charisma of the ring is because of the creative use of the gemstones like Green Tourmaline and Sapphire along with Royal Blue Moonstone and Emerald.

Couture Blues Collection Scarab Brown Diamonds Tsavorites Eye

Scarab Brown Diamonds Tsavorites Eye

Jemma Wynne refurbishes her open wrist bangles that are embedded with the conflicting Tanzanites.

couture blues jemma wynne tanzanite cuff

Jemma Wynne Tanzanite Cuff


Pamela Huizenga too displays the Opal ring at the Couture Show, the jewel gems used in the ring seem like the beauty is extracted from the deep beds of the Ocean.

Couture Blues Pamela Huizenga Ring

Pamela Huizenga Ring

The earrings of the Australian-born jeweler, Ray Griffiths too adds the beauty to the earrings by using the soft glow of the turquoise. The employ of Turquoise in the earrings drops makes it a perfect wear for the summertime.

Couture Blues Ray Griffiths Earrings

Ray Griffiths Earrings

The exercise of the neon-bright shade of a gemstone, Paraíba tourmaline creates the urge to hold the beautiful ring in their jewelry collection. The ring is crafted by the Victor Velyan a famous jewelry designer, who too uses the combination of diamonds set in a 24 carat gold.

Victor Velyan Paraiba Tourmaline Gold Ring

Victor Velyan Paraiba Tourmaline Gold Ring

Couture Show that held in Las Vegas every year is the most talked about show in the world of Jewelry. It is the show that displays the most creative inventions of the designers from all across the globe. Further, it proffers the platform to the independent jewelers or the new artists to showcase their talent and gains the riches of life.

The delegation of this show is to provide a foundation for the creativity from all around the earth as well as bring the whole world below single ceiling. The jewelry is exposed to the show that the jewelers of all bring that around the world that depicts the divine guidance of their heritage or culture.

This 2015 becomes an important year for the Couture show as, it completes it wonderful 20 years of servicing the market for jewelry. The base provides to jewelers gives them the fame, reputation and riches of the life. It too inspires them to create new each time to get rewards in the form of appreciation from the jewelry lovers as well as notability.

Todd Reed, an appreciated American fine jewelry designer, is the one who is seen at the show since it was launched, in 1995.


Couture Vegas 2014 Show

A lot of brands take part in the show and adds beauty to its charm more, but this year more than 50 brands launch their jewelry in the display and adds weight to its report.

The appeal of the gems can be picked up by the charismatic designs of the reputed jewelers like Jewellery Theatre as well as Venyx and Spinelli Kilcollin.

The mesmerizing creation red ring of Jewellery Theatre brings glamor to the show.

jewellery theatre summer venice ring

Jewellery Theatre Summer Venice Ring

On the other hand, Venyx and Spinelli Kilcollin fabricates a vintage diamond ring that brings luxuries in the display.

Single Stone Asscher Ring

Single Stone Asscher Ring

Lynn Ban, who is the most loved jewelry designer of the celebrities, displays the jewels that were once worn by the pop divas and models.

Lynn Ban Pearl And Diamond Ellipse Ear Cuff

Lynn Ban Pearl And Diamond Ellipse Ear Cuff

The architectural undertake in the ring designed by the Completed Works is worth watching and a show stopper for the year.

Couture also introduces the some luxury brands of watches to showcase the love of jewelry and its use in every sense.

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