Jewelry Which Gives You A Traditional Feeling - Handmade jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jul 7, 2022
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Jewelry Which Gives You A Traditional Feeling - Handmade jewelry

Traditional handmade jewelry has been an intricate part of Indian culture. For ages, women are loving to adorn themselves with precious handcrafted jewelry and thereby adding luster and completeness to their look. wholesale sterling silver gemstone jewelry is actually a lifelong asset. What most of us fail to understand here is why they come with a big price tag as compared to their mass-produced counterparts? Well justifying the price, here we go in detail:
No machinery involved: By definition, it is clear that it is solely made from hands. The pieces are soldered, sawed, carved, and shaped without any use of machinery. The artisans sit for n number of hours and do all of it. Where machinery can crank out hundreds of units per hour, only a piece of handmade silver jewelry can be completed at the same time.
Value of time: Of course, as said above handmade jewelry becomes valuable because of the incredible amount of time invested in curating one single piece. At times it even takes a month if the piece is actually a heavy one or is ordered for someone’s wedding.
Maker’s process: With the completion of every handmade silver jewelry item, the person behind it evolves as a jewelry maker. Yes, the maker shares a very intimate relationship with each piece or design he creates. Right from the beginning, there is a thought process with every line or curve, will do the best and patience to redraw or remake is involved.
Materials: In most cases, the value of the materials involved in handmade silver jewelry is of A1 quality. The maker never compromises on the raw material and knows very well what he is striving to make. Whereas when the matter is of mass production in machinery, it is very difficult to distinguish the metals blended with lower quality substances.
Quality: When one piece is made at a time, obviously the quality standards will be of the utmost. The materials are procured from best of the places, personal attention is involved at every step and the thought keeps building with every stage passed. The artisans know that they can’t make something inferior with their name and image associated.
One-time creation: By now you must have clearly understood that a piece of handmade silver jewelry is one-time creation. No two pieces can be of the same kind. Even if the artesian want, he can’t create two identical pieces. So technically, if you have one handmade jewelry piece, it is only you who has it. Woah! Doesn’t it speak a lot about your choice, standards, and opulence?
Buying handmade silver jewelry is a great way to support local artisans. They put in their soul and energy and when you buy from them, they really feel motivated. Your money becomes the source for their children's education, hope for better treatment of their mothers, and zeal to do even better in life.
Now whenever you consider buying some beautiful handmade silver jewelry, do visit Gemexi. We have a team of local artisans who carefully intricate every single piece that we flaunt in our stock. We have a wide range of silver jewelry as well as gemstone jewelry. The gemstone jewelry not only looks richer but the stone heals you too. The best part of buying from us is that you get to spend economically and you get the surety of buying 100% genuine product. We, as handmade silver jewelry wholesalers believe in fair trade. We neither extract from our clients nor give less to our artisans. Every artisan with us is paid fairly and supported equally in making the best of handmade silver jewelry items. 

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