Jewelry Made of Sterling Silver - Adding Brilliance To Your Aura

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  • Updated On Mar 18, 2020
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Jewelry Made of Sterling Silver - Adding Brilliance To Your Aura

From time immemorial there has been an unknown, unsaid connection between women and jewelry. Women have automatically been attracted to these beautiful creations and have worn them to magnify their beauty. Across cultures, ornaments are considered very important for special occasions. Even on an everyday basis, women are expected to wear jewelry of some sort. Since the professional women, today do not fascinate the gaudy, over-the-top ornaments, they choose to wear subtle yet attractive embellishments.


Jewelry Fashion That Evolved Over Time

Fashion is not something that remains static. It is ever-changing and adaptive to new situations and challenges. Jewelry fashion too has gone through several changes over the centuries. In the earliest recorded history, jewelry was mainly made of shells, stones, and bones. Probably they were worn as protection and also to signify the status. In pre-historic times, jewelry was simple as intricate metalworking techniques were yet unknown.

Gold, which is even today considered one of the most valued precious metals, held significance even in the earlier times. Archeological finds from the different corners of the world have proved that gold was considered so valuable that it was even buried with the dead.

With the discovery of other precious metals and also gemstones, the idea of jewelry also changed. If once gold was considered the ultimate adornment for a woman, the changing times saw the increased use of silver, rhodium, platinum, and gemstones. Gemstones become important marks of beauty and status, especially precious gemstones. For example, emerald was frequently associated with royalty.

Probably because of the changing nature of mankind, today we see women adorning different types of jewelry for different occasions. From gold to silver, precious gemstones to ordinary gemstones, women are experimenting with everything.


Sterling Silver and Their Increasing Use in Modern-Day Jewelry

Sterling silver is made of 92.5% mass of silver and 7.5% mass of another metal, usually copper. Additionally, sterling silver has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925. Sterling silver has become extremely popular today because it is a light-weight metal that can be worn as a simple ornament. Moreover, sterling silver can easily be combined with gemstones and worn as earrings, neck-pieces with pendants, rings, etc.

sterling silver jewelry


Differentiating Sterling Silver From Fake Silver

sterling silver jewelry

While sterling silver is one of the most useful everyday wearable jewelry in the current times, it is important that you don’t end up buying fake silver in the name of sterling silver. But first up, you must understand the difference between sterling silver and fake silver. As already mentioned sterling silver consists of 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent of copper. On the other hand, in silver-plated jewelry, a layer of silver is placed over other metals or alloys. The problem with this is that the silver can be easily scraped off or become tarnished. You can test sterling silver from fake ones in the following ways.

  • The best way to identify pure silver is by taking the help of a magnet. Silver (and also gold and platinum) are non-ferrous materials and hence are not magnetic. If you want to test the authenticity of sterling silver, you can bring it close of a magnet and test it. Remember that stainless steel with a highly polished layer of silver will get attracted to a magnet.
  • Most original sterling silver jewelry has certain typical markings which are nothing but indications of their purity. When you purchase sterling silver, you must find markings such as 925, .925 or S925 on them. However, it should also be remembered that not all sterling silver jewelry has these markings, though most have.
  • You can also test the authenticity of sterling silver by using a soft white cloth. Rub the cloth over a small part of the jewelry and check if a small black mark appears on it. If it does, you have true sterling silver with you. The black mark appears because 925 silver oxidizes when exposed to air. It is also for this reason that silver jewelry tarnishes after prolonged and reckless use.
  • The price of the jewelry is also a good indicator of sterling silver. If you are buying real sterling silver, it would be expensive. However, if the cost is unbelievably low, you are most likely buying fake silver.
  • This test is highly dangerous and should be done only when you have access to the right materials within a controlled situation. For this test, you have to use nitric acid and drop it on the ornament. Low-quality silver jewelry will turn greenish in color while sterling silver will turn cream in color.

Sterling silver is considered one of the most versatile jewelry today and it can be worn almost every day. The versatility of the metal can also be judged from the fact that it is used as a neckpiece, earring, ring, bracelet and so on. In fact, a simple piece of sterling silver jewelry is enough to make a woman look endearing. If you want to add brilliance to your aura, you must have guessed that sterling silver will do the trick easily.

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