Jazz up Your Look on New Year With these 5 Aegirine Jewelry Items

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  • Updated On Mar 23, 2020
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Jazz up Your Look on New Year With these 5 Aegirine Jewelry Items

December is the month of parties and festivals. It gives us immense reasons to get together and celebrate. So now that when festivity is in the air and you are planning to attend parties with all fun and frolic, we tell you a secret. Well, add few Aegirine jewels to your partywear and see how you look different from the rest! Let us take a quick dollop of knowledge about this beautiful crystal.

When the plain-looking layers of Aegirine are worked into jewelry, they turn out to be one of the trendiest looking pieces that immediately captivate attention. Aegirine was first found in Norway. The name ‘Aegirine’ has been derived from ‘Aegir’, the name of sea God.

This black enchanting beauty, called Aegirine, belongs to the Pyroxene group. It can be found both in opaque and translucent variety and needless to say, its charm remains all the same in both ways.  The common factor about the color of Aegirine crystal is that it is always dark. Generally, it is available in black color. Sometimes, it may be found in gorgeous impressive shades of greenish-black and brownish-black too.           

Cool Aegirine Bracelet for a Hot Look

Aegirine jewelry simply looks fabulous! Look at this bracelet which has been made out of aegirine beads and leather. Imagine yourself wearing a smart jumper dress with tights along with fine biker boots. When you will add this black bracelet to such cool attire, we are sure; a thousand pairs of eyes will trail after you! If you wish, you can save this look for New Year's eve and can startle everyone with your trendy style.

caged aegirine ring

Aegirine Pendant with Diamonds

Black looks powerful! Black looks royal! And, black always remains in fashion! Hence, adding this elegant black and white pendant to your winter wardrobe would definitely give you an advantage over others, in terms of fashion and style.

It is said that Aegirine stimulates and initiates a powerful rescuing energy because of its association with earth. This energy not only protects the wearer but also removes all sorts of negative feelings. Not only this, but the black crystal is also believed to replace all negative thoughts with positive feelings. Aegirine is also believed to support the healing process.

aegirine pendant



Caged Aegirine Ring Plus Bracelet

Give your hands a new style with the help of this ethnic looking aegirine jewel. It is a combination of rings and bracelets. The crystal is fixed beautifully inside a cage-like pattern and looks quite unique. The jewel looks great on both ethnic as well as modern outfits.

aegrine beads bracelet

Aegirine is also known as the woman-friendly crystal. It does not only help women in looking beautiful but also supports them in coming out of chauvinism. This crystal basically works and relates to the Base chakra or the Root chakra. This chakra is located at the base of the spine, hence called the base chakra.

Aegirine Ring with Scintillating Diamonds

The black color of aegirine and the sparkling beauty of diamonds create a magical effect on this ring. The ring looks stylish and attractive. Put on this ring with a black or white outfit and see how it adds glam to your style.

aegirine ring

Apart from looking unique, aegirine jewelry helps you to stay away from sorrows and depression. It helps you to sort out your emotional issues and let you get rid of any shame or insignificance. It heals your emotional injuries and provides you protection against negativity.  

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