How to find wholesale jewelry items to sell on Etsy?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On May 9, 2020
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How to find wholesale jewelry items to sell on Etsy?

Internet has redefined the buying and selling processes. Now talk about Etsy! Well, who doesn’t know about it? Etsy is a popular name and global network that connects buyers, sellers, retailers, and makers! Anybody who is looking for unique items (either jewelry or something else) can get great offers and collections on Etsy. On the other side, this global network gives the sellers and wholesalers the opportunity of selling wholesale and bulk items. If you too dream to get connected with this global network and wish to sell wholesale jewelry worldwide, you first need to know how you can find good quality wholesale jewelry items for selling on Etsy. We have shortlisted a few good options that will help you get an idea for the same! Let us glance through these well-tested and tried ways.

Contact the wholesale dealers of jewelry – The first step for finding wholesale jewelry items for sale is to obviously contact the jewelry wholesalers. Contact your known and trusted people and try to find out few good names who deal in wholesale jewelry.

Find good wholesale dealers online- You can also find good wholesale dealers of jewelry online. Reviews are a great way to know about the image of any brand, wholesaler or manufacturer. You can try the same for discovering few good jewelry wholesalers online.

Look for discount coupons and offers- This looks a little impossible but surprisingly when you will start searching for wholesale discounts and deals, you will be glad to find that there are plenty of wholesale jewelry offers and deals available online. All you need to do is to spend some time on the internet and discover some quick and trusted wholesale jewelry deals.


Create items at your own place- If you have got good resources, you can even create your own unique items. For example, if you have a team of talented artisans who can create a good range of handmade jewelry, you do not need to buy your wholesale jewelry from any other place. This is so because people from all over the world often visit Etsy with the hope of finding some original and unique items including jewelry too.

Get unique jewelry items – When you are planning to buy wholesale jewelry items on Etsy, make sure that your jewelry products are quite uncommon and look completely unique. This will help you get quick attention from the buyers. Unique jewelry products stand out from the rest of the jewelry pieces and thus, your chances of good sale instantly increase. Handmade jewelry is a great option when it comes to unique jewelry items. This is so because handmade jewelry has unique styles and designs which are not available anywhere else. Thus, it is an easy and quick way to first discover good handmade jewelry and then, sell it in wholesale over Etsy to earn a significant profit.

Stay aware of fake wholesale jewelry- With all these points that we discussed till now, it becomes quintessential to mention that buying or selling jewelry requires lot of alertness. Especially, when you have plans to buy jewelry in bulk, you need to stay aware and smart as there are lot of physical and virtual destinations that provide fake jewelry. Surprisingly, this fake jewelry is difficult to be recognized and thus, there are chances of getting cheated easily. In such situation, it is highly recommended that you stay aware about the fake jewelry and deal with only authentic and reliable jewelry suppliers, manufacturers and makers.

Choose the most authentic wholesale dealers- While you plan to sell your wholesale jewelry on Etsy, it becomes indispensable for you to contact only the authentic wholesale dealers of jewelry. Considering the previous point, it is highly recommended that you verify the authenticity of the wholesale dealer with whom you are planning to buy your own wholesale goods in the form of good quality and alluring jewelry. There are several ways to check the authenticity of jewelry wholesalers. Some of the significant and easy ways for the same have been mentioned below:



  1. Ask for the contact number – Ask the jewelry wholesaler to share his/her contact number with you. Remember, the fake ones often hesitate to share any contact number or even when they share, there is no guarantee for that contact number that whether it works or not! On the other hand, good and honest jewelry wholesalers never hesitate to share their contact number. Hence, try to get that personal contact number of your jewelry wholesaler.
  2. Confirm the physical address of wholesaler– If possible; try to visit the physical office/showroom of the jewelry wholesaler. Doing so will not only enhance your confidence but will also let you discuss your deal in a better and fairer way!
  3. Check for the certificates – Authentic jewelry suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers have some sort of authentic documents or certificates with them which show that they are legally authorized to sell or supply the jewelry. Checking such certificates will help you build confidence in your jewelry wholesaler.
  4. Try to gather information – Try to gather as much information as possible about the jewelry wholesaler with whom you want to proceed further for buying jewelry in bulk. Read reviews online or talk to people who are in touch with that wholesaler. Such steps will let you get the true image of the jewelry wholesaler.
  5. Discuss quality and ask for its proof – Ask your jewelry wholesaler that how you confirm about the quality of his jewelry products. If he is honest, he will definitely share some ways with you that indicate the good quality of jewelry.

The above small, simple yet helpful ways will help you find authentic jewelry wholesalers online. You can also contact Gemexi which is a renowned name in wholesale silver jewelry and also provides excellent quality gemstones and jewelry items. Getting your jewelry through such authentic places will give you the right boost and start to sell your wholesale jewelry items on Etsy without any hesitation!

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