How to Choose the Perfect Gemstone Stud Post Earrings?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 26, 2021
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How to Choose the Perfect Gemstone Stud Post Earrings?

Ask any woman about the importance of the stud post earrings and she will tell you that the collection of earrings is surely incomplete without having at least dozen or more pairs of post earrings in it! Post earrings are also referred as the studs or the stud post earrings. However, technically, the stud earrings do not extend beyond your earlobe. On the other hand, the post earrings can be of any length. They come in various designs and styles. Mostly, these earrings are small in size but the long post stud earrings are also in trend.

How to choose the gemstone stud post earrings?

Whether it is about post vs stud earrings or about choosing the post earrings based on a special occasion, we share with you some important tips that will help you choose the right earrings according to specific occasion. Use the small post gemstone earrings for formal occasion – Small post earrings are perfect for the formal occasions. You can also use such earrings at your office as they give a smart and elegant look. You can even opt to wear single gemstone stud post earrings at your office meetings and conferences. The single gemstone post earrings have a beautiful sparkling look but they also perfectly balance your formal look. Use these earrings confidently with your formal office attire and give a touch of beautiful choice to your personality.
  1. Use the long post earrings for casual occasion – Casual occasions give you more freedom to experiment with your earrings. If you are a fan of post earrings, you can try the long ones during the casual occasions. The long post earrings come in many alluring designs. You can choose to wear long post earrings with few or many gemstones, plain and long stud post earrings and even more designs. Keep your hair open or tie them in casual braids to show off your beautiful and glittering post earrings.

  2. Use the small or long post earrings for the semi casual occasion – The semi casual occasions are the ones where you can try both the small and long forms of post earrings. Just choose the right ones that look great with your attire and overall personality.
  3. You can also use the gemstone stud post earrings according to your birthstone – Gemstones are also worn according to your zodiac signs. Thus, you can wear the earrings that have your birthstones in them. You would be glad to discover a wide range of contemporary designs in gemstone stud post earrings category. If you do not have an idea about your birthstone, you can consult a good astrologist who will guide you about choosing the right gemstone. Remember, wearing the right kind of gemstones can help you avail many important benefits including the physical benefits, emotional benefits and mental benefits.
  4. Choose from a wide range of beautiful colors – When it comes to buying the post earrings with gemstones, you will get a great variety to choose from. Nature has gifted us a beautiful range of gemstones that are available in many attractive colors including the deep and dark shades like red, maroon, dark green, black, dark glue, etc and light shades like lilac, baby pink, pale yellow, white, light blue, light green and even more. You can choose earrings that have the gemstones of your favorite color.
  5. Choose earrings according to your dress – To complement your dress you should choose the post earrings according to your dress. Here, it is important to mention that the fashion of matching colors of your accessories with your dress is long gone! The present fashion trend is very flexible and creative. You can mix and match your jewels with your overall look. However, you should try to pick up post earrings with a traditional touch for your traditional attires and the modern designs in post earrings for a more contemporary look. Keeping these small tips in mind will help you get a beautiful look.

The trend, popularity and demand of stud post earrings is never going to fade! Thus, add as many gemstone stud-posts to your jewel-set and use them on various occasions. The ease of wearing these earrings will excite you to wear them every day. The simple yet innovative patterns available in these earrings are very captivating and one can’t resist buying and flaunting them.

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  • Anika
    Sep 16, 2022, 6:41:17 AM

    Earrings always help augment beauty. I like long post earrings for casual occasions. They give a simple and unique look to the office.

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