How to Buy Authenticate Wholesale Silver Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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How to Buy Authenticate Wholesale Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has an extraordinary appeal - a subtleness that is hard to match. It is a noble metal, one which doesn’t easily corrode or gets oxidized. Silver has for a very long time been used not just for jewelry making but also to make coins, utensils and many other things. Unfortunately buying silver is tougher than it seems. It is not easy to get hold of authentic silver which is why you must buy silver rings and other silver jewelry only from recognized online platforms or established offline jewelry stores. If you want to know how to buy authentic wholesale silver jewelry, you must keep in mind the following things.

The 925 Imprint

Silver in its purest form is malleable and so soft that it cannot be used for jewelry making. That is why the silver that is used to make jewelry is mixed with an alloy – usually copper. The percentage of silver used in this case is 92.5% while the remaining 7.5% is composed of alloy.925 silver jewelry is the standard for jewelry making. Any silver item that doesn’t have the 925 imprint shouldn’t be purchased simply because it doesn’t meet the standard accreditation. If you want to buy silver jewelry only go for the 925 mark because you will then be buying a long-lasting piece of silver jewelry. 

Sterling Silver Gets Tarnished Over Time

We often believe that all that shines is real while anything that fades or gets tarnished isn’t good. Though it may be true in most cases, with silver it is slightly different. Sterling silver does get tarnished over a period of time but you must understand that it isn’t a bad thing. If you have purchased real sterling silver you can easily get it polished to restore its shine. However if you haven’t purchased the real thing then over time you will notice that the jewelry piece has lost its shine and ugly unpolished metal is showing its true face from within. No matter how much you polish the jewelry item, you will not get back its shine. 

Understand the Price Range of Silver Jewelry

Before buying silver jewelry you should have a fair idea about its cost. Like most precious jewelry, silver is priced according to its weight while also considering other factors such as craftsmanship, inclusion of gemstones, brand value etc. If you are planning to buy wholesale jewelry you must understand that the costs may vary when compared to the price of single pieces. While the final price can vary depending on where you purchase from, the base price of silver will remain the same – and this is something you should be aware of. 

Know Where You Should Buy Sterling Silver From

It is not easy to assess the quality of sterling silver, even if you have researched it all. This is where the role of seller comes into play. You must ideally buy from a seller who has been in the business of selling wholesale sterling silver jewelry for many years. Whether you choose to buy locally or shop online, the authenticity of the seller must be checked. Afterall you wouldn’t want to buy fake silver ringsfrom a dubious store. 

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