Graff Reveals 132 Carat Statement Yellow Diamond, Calls It "Golden Empress"

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  • Posted: Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Graff Reveals 132 Carat Statement Yellow Diamond, Calls It "Golden Empress"

Luxury London based Graff Diamonds recently released images of the ‘Golden Empress’, a 132.55-carat statement yellow diamond. With its release, the ‘Golden Empress’ gets included in the long list of the largest and rarest diamonds in the world. It is a fancy intense cushion-cut yellow diamond that has been set on a necklace. There are approximately 30 other yellow diamonds on the necklace along with the ‘Golden Empress’, reports suggest.


The value of this jewelry is bound to be in millions simply because yellow diamonds are rare to find. Though fancy colored diamonds have become quite popular these days and are seen as both adornments and investments, they are highly valued and considered beautiful and rare adornments. It is believed that about one in 10,000 diamonds can be classified as fancy colored diamonds and even then finding one in a particular color (such as this yellow diamond) is quite rare.

The ‘Golden Empress’ has been created by the famous international luxury diamond and jewelry firm, Graff Diamonds. Laurence Graff, the founder of the firm is believed to have purchased the rough diamond originally weighing 299-carat and carved out the exquisite ‘Golden Empress’ from it.  According to sources, the uncut diamond was mined from the Letšeng mind in the tiny southern African kingdom of Lesotho.

In a statement released by Graff Diamond, Laurence Graff said, “The potential to craft a diamond that could join its hall of noble, historic and world-famous stones was a thrilling prospect.”


It took quite some study and artwork to determine how best the rough yellow diamond could be cut and designed into a jewelry piece. After proper planning the ‘Golden Empress’ was carved and designed. The rare diamond is accompanied by eight rough yielded satellite diamonds among which there were six pear-shaped fancy yellow stones and two brilliant round stones. The largest of the fancy stores weighs 21.34 carats.

The ‘Golden Empress’ now joins the list of exquisite, rare and expensive jewels designed and created by Graff Diamonds. Since 1960, when the company was founded by Laurence Graff, the company has released several rare jewelry items to the public. Among them is the ‘The Delaire Sunrise’ which is believed to be the largest square emerald-cut fancy vivid yellow diamond in the world and weighs 118.08 carats. In the list is also the ‘Gemini Yellows’ weighing 51.29 carats and 55.74 carats and also the Graff Vivid Yellow diamond weighing 100.09 carat.

Graff Diamonds is famous for selling these expensive jewels in auctions. In a recent auction, a 14.49 carat yellow diamond ring designed by the Graff was sold for $293,000 at the Christie’s New York Important Jewels auction.


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