Gold Kalevala And Lapponia Jewellery Moves to Recycled Silver

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Posted: Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Gold Kalevala And Lapponia Jewellery Moves to Recycled Silver

After making huge success in 2012 by switching over to recycled gold, two renowned jewellery manufacturers Kalevala Jewellery and Lapponia Jewellery of late made a move to recycled silver. Rita Huuhtanen, the chief executive officer of this jewellery brand stated that after having a positive outcome from recycled gold three years ago they have now decided to go for recycled silver. She further stated that their whole summer collection this year will be 100% recycled silver and gradually it will be utilized for all collections. As they manufacture countless jewellery pieces every year, hence they are talking of recycled material in huge amounts. Ethical working principles and eco-friendliness are their core values.

Kalevala Jewellery the parent company of Lapponia Jewellery is the biggest Finland based jewellery manufacturer and also one of the most renowned and the biggest in the whole of Northern Europe. Being established in 1937 the company is currently owned via 4000 members of Kalevala Women’s Association who fulfil their social responsibility sincerely.

Huuhtanen also said that the utilization of recycled materials is indeed the most sustainable method of crafting jewellery both ecologically and ethically. They take pride in manufacturing their exclusive jewellery range in their factory in Finland and operate in an honest and transparent way.


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