Wearable Luxury Jewellery from HK Jeweller

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Posted: Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Wearable Luxury Jewellery from HK Jeweller

Keeping pace with women’s changing tastes and trends, TAYMA Fine Jewellery has introduced their latest collection- the wearable luxury jewellery that features Flower Power pendants that are neatly handcrafted. Adorned with lovely coloured gemstones these pieces emanate a somewhat Boho-chic vibe, said entrepreneur and designer Tayma Page Allies. The company also stated that women can pick from a wide range of collection in exciting colours such as pink, white and yellow gold pendants in lapis lazuli, chocolate sapphires, opals and watermelon tourmaline. Each piece is available in varied sizes to satisfy the needs of all personalities. These can be worn in different styles. For a polished look, a woman can put it short at the neck whereas to have a relaxed feel it can be worn long.


The gemstone petals have been specially designed with turquoise that too from Mexico, Iran and Arizona. It also has chocolate and deep blue Australian jelly and Madagascar sapphires and boulder opals. Centred with dazzling white pearls these versatile pendants are reversible. This beautiful collection reflects the contemporary, bold and playful style of Allies.

Founded by Allies in Hong Kong in 1990, this company is renowned for making luxurious handmade jewellery, especially for today’s modern and stylish women. Of late they have relocated to another showroom at Price’s Building.


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