Gemexi's 46th Anniversary

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 18, 2020
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Gemexi's 46th Anniversary


Living up to the promises of trust, perseverance, quality, and commitment, Gemexi has come a long way and the trend of following values and keeping promises continue to date!  Gemexi feels pride in announcing its 46th anniversary on 24th August. Be a part of this precious moment that celebrates not only success and growth but also a strong and cherished relationship with our customers. 




Since its inception in 1973 (24th Aug), the company has always strived and has been successful in serving only the best quality gemstones and jewelry to its varied customers across the world. The success story of Gemexi began 46 years back when Mr. Arun Rampuria founded the company and dreamt of making it an international brand one day. The first step is the most important one! And Mr. Arun Rampuria took that one major step. He stepped into the gemstone and jewelry world. However, before doing the same, he prepared himself and made ready for the gemstone business. He acquired knowledge, learned the art of cutting, polishing and trading the gemstones and equipped with all essentials, he started dealing in gemstones. Initially, he had a small set up for gemstones’ cutting, polishing, manufacturing, and other tasks. Also, he was focusing only on Emeralds but gradually, as time passed by, he became even more accomplished and knowledgeable. His passion, vast knowledge and devoted attitude gave him the confidence to start dealing with all types of gemstones. Thus, the company started dealing in semi-precious, precious and types of gemstones which were a remarkable achievement. 





With his unstoppable and dedicated efforts, Mr. Arun Rampuria started exploring new areas and adding new dimensions to the company. His initial expertise in working with Emerald worked as a strong foundation for his business. In the gemstone world, it is a lucid fact that one who has mastered the art of cutting, polishing, manufacturing and trading Emeralds can definitely deal with other gemstones. This is so because Emerald is a great stone to learn from. While working with the stone, one can learn and master all the nitty-gritty of gemstones’ business. And the same happened with Mr. Arun Rampuria! He became an expert in gemstone with time. It was now time to expand the business and thus, Mr. Rampuria started traveling across the world. He mainly covered the South-east Asia region and built acquaintances over there. In no time, the company started getting international clients and began expanding worldwide. 





Once Mr. Arun Rampuria started working with all kinds of gemstones including the semi-precious, precious and other types of gemstones, there was no looking back. The contact and orders received from international clients gave Mr. Arun a further boost for the success of Gemexi. He took a step further and made connections with the US buyers too. While the genuineness and dedication of Mr. Arun Rampuria impressed his clients, the top-notch quality of his products convinced the customers to buy from him. His hard work paid off and luck favored him! He was soon able to build a strong base in the US market too. He approached a few big US companies and initiated exporting products to them. 

Gemexi got new support and vigor when Mr. Arun Rampuria’s son – Nitin Rampuria joined the company. Nitin had done his studies at GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Just like his father, he had a deep passion and liking for working with gemstones.  He had seen numerous artisans working on handmade jewelry. Also, he observed that Silver was in invaluable and forever-hit option to work with. Thus, taking into consideration the growing popularity of handmade jewelry and never-dying fame of silver, Nitin decided to add handmade jewelry and handmade silver jewelry to the business. Hence, Gemexi achieved one more milestone as it started manufacturing and exporting silver jewelry. 

The best part was that Gemexi had its own gemstones and state-of-the-art workplace to work with gemstones and jewelry. Also, the company had built a fabulous team of accomplished jewelry and gemstone artisans who were working with absolute zeal and giving out superbly significant results in the form of unique and alluring jewelry. There were no middlemen and the company was selling gemstones and jewelry directly to the wholesalers as well as customers. 

During his studies, Nitin had learned and heard a lot about gemstones’ healing powers and various abilities. He wanted to share the same with numerous people across the world. Thus, he decided to bring Gemexi online! He launched a website that was studded not only with various products and their details but also with an up-to-date knowledge center on gemstones and their healing powers. The brilliant knowledge provided by Gemexi upon gemstones and their healing abilities, the natural gemstones plus excellently alluring jewelry proved to be a magnet for attracting customers and the company started growing by leaps and bounds! 





Presently, Gemexi shines like a star in the universe of gemstones and jewelry! It has become a leading gemstone and jewelry e-commerce company that provides handmade silver jewelry of unparalleled beauty and quality and natural earth-mined gemstones. Obtaining gemstones directly from the mines of Africa and processing the same creatively and dedicatedly in-house, the company showcases a wide range of jewelry and gemstones. At present, the company has a ready stock of more than 150, million products and it deals in over 250 types of gemstones. 





Gemexi is pleased to share this fact with you that having a direct approach in gaining and selling gemstones and also, having an in-house team of artisans has made us able to sell beautiful silver jewelry at the most affordable price. We procure gemstones from various corners of the world and supply them directly to retailers and wholesalers without the involvement of any third party. We have shipped our memorable products to over 80 countries and have done more than 1 million transactions internationally. 




Gemexi is celebrating its 46th anniversary on 24th August. This day does not only mark the celebration of our accomplishments and success but also it is a tribute to our loving and valued clients who have constantly supported and encouraged us. To double the pleasure of this occasion, Gemexi announces ‘Anniversary Sale’. Get ready to witness this happy event wherein you will be getting 15% off on our entire store. Explore our adorable and unique range of jewelry and gemstones today and buy items that help you build new precious memories. We are also offering ‘Free Shipping Worldwide’. 
Grab the opportunity to buy as well as celebrate on our Anniversary Day!

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