Five Ways to Use Broken Gemstones In Fresh Jewelry Designs

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jul 14, 2021
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Five Ways to Use Broken Gemstones In Fresh Jewelry Designs

Women and jewelry are a match made in heaven. Whether it's a precious sterling silver pendant or a 24k gold necklace - there’s no lady who doesn’t fancy these! And this temptation just doubles if the jewelry is embellished with intricate and precious gemstones jewelry. Yet, how often does the price tag of the new gemstone jewelry turn out to be just as tempting? You know the answer - never! But hold on, don’t let those price tags sink your heart anymore. What if we told you that you can put those old and broken gem pieces into use and create some fascinatingly fresh jewelry designs? Yes, you heard that right! Gemstones, even if broken or tarnished, can be used in multiple ways to design new ornaments. Here are 5 ways how you can use your snapped gemstones to design stunning jewelry :

  • Make patterned earrings

Top tip alert! How many times have you laid your eyes on an abstract earring set and found it impossible not to swipe your credit card? If your answer is “almost every time” then this is your time to shine! Gather your crumbled gemstone pieces and create a pair of dainty danglers Earrings. All you’re going to need is a few DIY items, your shattered gemstone pieces, and a lot of patience, and voila - you’re all fixed to rock that date night!

  • Design a new necklace

You’re not fully dressed up until there’s a necklace complementing your outfit. But come on, aren’t you tired of wearing those same old chokers and neck-bands all the time? So why not give your wardrobe a twist? Pick any basic necklace from your closet and affix your broken gemstone beads, little by little. If you are a picky person, this is probably the best tip for you. Design your necklace just the way you want - not overdone, not underdone.

  • How about a custom ring?

Show us a single soul who does not like wearing rings, and we will show you a liar. Yes, it’s that simple a rule when it comes to this particular jewelry piece. No matter if it’s a cocktail party or a full-blown wedding ceremony - a ring always makes the whole attire come to life. So, if you’re thinking of dumping away your shattered gemstone pieces, stop! You may just be a YouTube video away from giving birth to a whole new ring, custom-made just to suit your taste. In fact, why not design a “Sapphire x Aquamarine” ring? Super cool idea, isn’t it?

  • Dainty pendants for the go

If you are a person who believes in “minimal aesthetic”, this idea of using broken gemstone is curated for you. We know heavy necklaces may not be a perfect fit for all occasions. And in such grave times, it’s those petite pendants that do the job. But what’s the point of wearing jewelry if it lacks that dash of pop, right? So, buy broken gemstones loose from the market or muster your collection of gemstone pieces and stick them to a simple, unadorned pendant. Trust us, it’s that easy!

  • Mosaic hairpins are a good idea

If you’ve always wanted to make heads turn, we’ve got you covered here! Contemporary hair jewelry is always a big-time disappointment for those wanting to go a little “over-the-top” with their look. But what can you do about it? Well, pick up any cheap hairpin from thrift stores, affix different broken gemstone beads here and there, and boom - mosaic hairpin is all ready to take your mane game up a notch! Such a genius idea, right?

Gemstones are beautiful jewelry items. So much so that you’d never want to witness them in pieces. However, they are extremely fragile too. But, there is also a piece of good news - gemstones can be used to create jaw-dropping jewelry even when they appear seemingly useless. This article here just validates that.

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  • hema
    Sep 3, 2022, 6:06:41 AM

    Nice idea for broken gemstones. I hurt when my gemstone broke, but now I have many ideas through this blog. I will try all these tips.

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