Five Things To Know About Pentagram Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Sep 22, 2022
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Five Things To Know About Pentagram Jewelry

Amongst many other things that hold high regard in our lives, being drawn to accessories belonging to cultures prevalent worldwide is fascinating. In today's article, allow us to introduce you to one such enchanting piece of jewelry symbol that's also culturally rich - the Pentagram. A pentagram is a star with five points, each representing an aspect of life. Also closely referred to as the Pentacle in some cultures, this classic bijou is chic and comfortable to spend all day with. More so, the symbol brings glam to your everyday story look-wise. Wondering why we are sharing all this? Well, that's because how can one not experiment with their baubles when there is so much to know and accessorize from different cultures! So, to satiate the quest for knowing jewelry, we bring all you need to know about Pentagram in this blog. First, let's begin with the five irresistible facts about the stunning pentacle symbol jewelry.


Five Things You Should Know To Have A Grasp Of Pentagram Jewelry:

  1. A powerful Wicca jewelry:

Wicca or neo-paganism is a religious movement that ushered in the beginning of the 20th century. And it gave rise to the fashionableness of the Pentagram jewelry. Wiccan jewelry is distinctive and unique, and laden with metaphysical healing powers. Did you know the Wiccans were regarded as witches in the pre-Christian era? But don't be scared - it was by the intense spiritual powers of the pentacle symbol.


  1. A mirror of nature:

The Pentacle jewelry epitomizes nature. The five elements of nature, i.e., air, fire, water, earth, and space, are symbolized by the Pentacle's five points. A piece of quintessential jewelry, the Pentacle is acclimated to the harmony of humans with mother nature.


  1. A potent talisman:

The Pentagram is more than just an accessory. They are ascribed with mystical and magical powers designed to heal and bestow mental clarity to the wearer. As an amulet, they infer feelings of love, respect, strength, and security.


  1. A symbol of protection:

Who knew wearing jewelry could protect one from evil powers? Well, with the pentagram it is true. Wearing a pentagram pendant is believed to cast a web of protection against the evil eye. Not only does it block negativity but also clears the negative aura that's already prevalent. Being used in spiritual rituals, with a pentagram, the forces of nature tend to protect one from cynicism. 


  1. A pentagram is not a pentacle:

Although closely attributed, a wholesale pentagram pendants and a pentacle necklace are different. A pentagram is a symbol of a star with five sharp tips that are not encircled. However, a pentacle is an encircled star. So well, we can sum up by saying that a pentagram is a type of pentacle. 

Dazzle In Style - 3 Quick Tips On How To Wear Pentacle Jewelry:

  1. If you want to be vocal about your beliefs and draw the attention of your family and friends towards spiritual symbols, choose a pentagram pendant. Pair it with a V-neck dress or a crop top so that it catches the light!
  2. If you are drawn to the rich cultural history of different jewelry, a metallic pentacle necklace is a must-have as an apt representation of the Wicca or modern paganism. 
  3. Lastly, with the help of the metaphysical powers of symbols like a star-shaped pentagram, think about the heights you’ll reach if you wear the star itself. So wear a pentacle wristlet and remind yourself of your skyrocketing ambitions.

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  • Autumn
    Jul 27, 2022, 6:23:04 AM

    Pentagram jewelry is considered a talisman but I don't. I consider this jewelry more than a talisman. It has all 5 nature elements(air, fire, water, sky, and earth). which have various healing properties.

  • Fiana
    Nov 25, 2022, 11:03:21 AM

    Pentagram Jewelry goes well with all colors of stones.

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