Express Your Style with Bohemian Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Jun 5, 2021
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Express Your Style with Bohemian Jewelry

Ask anyone about jewelry that is inspired from nature, expresses a sense of freedom, peace and love and looks very chic. Well, most often you will get replies with ‘Bohemian jewelry’. The Boho people love nature and are very peace and fun loving. They love life and live it with full zeal and happiness. Their love for nature and spirit of love and peace gets reflected clearly in the Bohemian style jewelry. Most of the pieces in this jewelry range are often inspired from items of nature including shells, feathers, beads and more. This jewelry looks very voguish, catchy and beautiful. You too can express your style and taste with the help of stylish looking Bohemian jewelry.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can style this jewelry in several amazing ways!

  1. Wear in layers

The layered style is superhit when it comes to wearing the Boho kind of jewelry. You can try it in multiple ways. Create layers of similar types of necklaces or take advantage of vivid beauty of different necklaces to create layers. Both ways, you will get a jaw-dropping look! The same can be done with pendants, bracelets and rings.
  1. Go for the fringed necklaces

The fringed necklaces look highly captivating. Go for the oxidized silver ones that have cool fringes in them. You will find a wide range of designs and styles in fringed Boho necklaces. One thing is for sure! When you wear these necklaces, all eyes will be set on you! We bet on the same!

  1. Combine with other options to enhance the beauty

Do you own the lovely and chic Boho jewels? Have you tried different styles for wearing the same and now looking for an innovative way to flaunt their beauty in a fresh way? If so, combining your Boho style carefree rings with sterling silver jewels will give you an absolutely cool and creative look. You can show your style with a chunky Boho pendant and silver earrings or you can flaunt your Boho earrings with a fashionable sterling silver necklace or pendant. Likewise, you can combine your Boho bracelet with silver rings and delicate silver bracelet with Boho pattern rings.
  1. Create your own jewels of Boho style

Creating your own Boho jewelry is an imaginative and fun way of making jewelry with personal choice and preference. You can make your own beautiful Boho nature rings with a bit of creativity and research. Just spend a few minutes online and you will find multiple ideas on DIY Boho jewels. Collect feathers, colorful beads, brass/copper wire and more such items and you are all set to start creating your own type of chic Boho ornaments.

  1. Try the amazing range of ankle bracelets & rings

When we mention this jewelry, most often people think about only the earrings and necklaces. But Boho jewels are not confined to just necklaces, pendants and earrings. The most recent trends suggest super-cool looking Boho ankle bracelets as well as stylish rings with unique designs. Both of these options look very catchy and give you a breathtakingly beautiful and stylish look. Don’t believe us? Wear a lovely Boho ankle bracelet in your upcoming beach party and get ready for tons of compliments!

Bonus Tip

While you get ready to flaunt your style with the Boho jewels, there is still one more important tip that comes handy to enhance your fashion mantra. Well, try to combine such jewelry with Boho attires to complete your look. You will discover pretty wide range of these attires online. Choose the one that best fits your taste.


From colorful tassels to stylish chokers and more, the range of Boho style jewelry will surely stun anyone. This jewelry is a perfect choice for those who want to look and feel free, stylish and connected to nature. Try this jewelry now and observe the superb positive change in your style and personality.

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  • Rivik brown
    Sep 9, 2022, 6:17:51 AM

    Bohemian jewelry follows the tradition of America. We can make bohemian jewelry handmade. This jewelry is the perfect choice for those who want to look free.

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