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  • Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2018

Jewelry is desired, coveted and dreamt by almost each and every woman! Women simply wish to have more and more jewels as beautiful and creative jewelry makes women look even more beautiful. Including fineness and quality, jewelry can indeed be regarded as the most adorable and intimate accessories for any woman. Not only women but nowadays, many men are also equally inclined towards different types of gemstones as well as jewelry. 
However, purchasing gemstones doesn’t complete your responsibilities rather you have to be equally careful towards the handling and maintenance of your cherished accessories.
Good tips for gemstone jewelry caring & careful maintenance helps your pieces of jewelry to keep on shining and glittering. The right gemstone jewelry care also helps in increasing their longevity. 
Maybe you have received ancestral pieces of jewelry or have purchased on your own, but you should take care of them in the right manner. Some of the useful tips for gemstone jewelry caring are discussed below with which you can ensure the proper maintenance and care of your gemstone pieces of jewelry.

Store Safely - Why should you protect your jewelry from heat and light? 

We all know that harmful sun rays can badly affect our skin but many people don’t know that heat and light can adversely affect their adorable colorful gemstones and jewelry as well. The color and longevity of your adorable accessories would be at stake if you don’t take proper precautions. Some important points are as follows:
  • With the passage of time, over-exposure of light and heat can damage some of the precious gemstones and make them fade and lifeless. As a result, you won’t see their sparkling or glittering effects anymore. For instance, kunzite, amethyst, topaz etc get badly affected by light and heat. 
  • Your adorable pearls will get bleached if they are heavily exposed to light. Some other gems like amber would lose its color in the over-exposure to excessive light.
  • Sudden heat and temperature fluctuations can adversely affect your favorite gemstone pieces of jewelry. The pieces of jewelry lose their natural moisture whenever they are exposed to heat and thus they start losing their beauty and luster. 
  • With the passing time, pearl pieces of jewelry can start drying out, cracking, and discoloring due to heat. The pieces of jewelry made of opals can turn into brown or white and small cracks start appearing in the overall jewelry for the same reason.

Keep your Jewels Away from Chemicals – 

Some Chemicals are Enemy of your gemstone jewelry! Not every chemical is neutral to gemstone pieces of jewelry and so over-exposure of such chemicals can discolour or badly damage your precious colored gemstones. 
You might argue that you don’t have any far or near connection with chemical laboratories but your daily products, including lotion, perfume, and various other cosmetics can comprise of chemicals that have the permanently damaging capability of many delicate gems or those with porous structures. 
It’s also very important to remove your gemstone pieces of jewelry prior to start swimming into a chlorinated pool or start using home cleaning products. Such cleaners can contain chemicals that would be harsh on your delicate and precious pieces of jewelry. 

Why do Treated Gems need More Attention?

A number of gemstones are regularly treated for the improvement of their clarity as well as color, however, such treatments might get adversely affected by chemical solvents, heat or special cleaners. 
You need to confirm whether your gemstones have been treated before purchasing and thus you can take special care of them. GIA report plays a very important role in this regard, as it states whether your gemstone has experienced any detectable treatments or not. 

Careful use of Ultrasonic Cleaners

Many people just start rubbing their pieces of jewelry with a cloth piece without thinking but first, you have to know how to clean gemstone jewelry properly. You can buy a professional ultrasonic cleaner but always remember not every gemstone is compatible with this cleaner. 
For an instance, you shouldn’t use ultrasonic cleaners for organic gemstones (coral, amber, pearls etc). You can ask a jewelry expert about the full list of compatible gemstones with ultrasonic cleaners. 
If you don’t want to invest on ultrasonic cleaners, then it’s completely all right because you can clean most of your colored gems jewelry with just warm water, gentle dish soap (without detergents) along with a delicate brush. 
Pearls are very soft in nature and so scratches start appearing on them if not handling properly. Therefore, it’s significant to use a newly-purchased and clean makeup brush along with the warm and soapy solution to clean your pearl gemstones in a gentle way. Actually, gemstone jewelry care is a kind of art and by following the above tips; you can easily learn that art. 


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