Different ways to put gems in Jewelry

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry
  • Updated On Mar 7, 2024
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Different ways to put gems in Jewelry

Gemstone settings do two critical jobs: they make the gems look pretty and keep them safe. These settings change based on how the gem looks and what you do every day. Let's talk about the different ways gems can be put in jewelry.

Gemstone Setting Overview:

Gems are beautiful and have benefits, so we put them in jewelry. The way we do it doesn't just make them look nice but also protects them. We pick the way based on the gem and how you live.

Claw/Prong Setting:

This is a popular way. It lets light go through the gem, making it shine. Claws cover only a bit of the gem's top. They can be round, square, or V-shaped. You can have four, six, or more claws. Taking care of them is crucial, as they may bend, but they last a long time.

Trilogy Setting:

Great for engagement rings, it's about having three stones in different ways. They can be the same or different sizes and shapes, giving a personal touch.

Micro-Pavé Setting:

Tiny diamonds, sometimes as small as 0.5 mm, make the gem sparkle a lot. But because the stones are so small, this isn't great for everyday wear – you might lose a stone.

Bezel/Rub-over Setting:

Good for softer stones, metal is pressed over to keep the gem secure. It's safe but may not let a lot of light through, making colored gems look darker.

Cluster Setting:

Popular since the 1980s, it's about surrounding the main stone with smaller ones. It's timeless and works for both bigger and same-sized stones.

Tension Setting:

This makes the gem look like it's floating. It uses metal tension, but as it gets older, a support bar is needed. It looks colorful with Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Channel Setting:

Stones are set in a channel. Very durable, used a lot in eternity rings.

Halo Setting:

A modern way with more stones around the main one, making it sparkle even more. It's loved with round and oval center stones.

Pavé Setting:

Small stones set in tiny prongs, like tiny claws. Seen a lot in engagement rings, and gems look great with Sterling Silver.

Flush/Gypsy Setting:

Clean and simple, popular for men's and wedding rings. Metal is over the stone for security.


Different settings suit different tastes and lifestyles. Each has its charm. For good gemstone jewelry, look at Gemexi. They have many designs to pick from, making sure you find the one you love.

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