Depiction of Butterflies gives the Wings to your Jewel Desire!!

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  • Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2015
Depiction of Butterflies gives the Wings to your Jewel Desire!!

The mesmeric butterflies’ creation in the fashion jewelry creates a quizzical impression in the eyes of the jewelry lovers. Butterflies in the Greek traditions speculate as a representation of perpetual love, the engraving of butterflies in the jewelry raises the value of jewelry.

The winsome butterflies in the jewelry designs whiff the interest of the jewelry lovers towards this artful design. Rings, neck pieces as well as earrings with an inscription of the butterfly make it a unique creation today in the world of jewelry.

Butterfly motifs in the jewelry designs are the new way to give salutation to the summer and spring season of the year 2015.

In ancient Greek butterflies assessed as a symbol of the never-ending passion for each other, this eminence adds power to the beauty of this charismatic design. Loves connects the soul and according to the Greek tradition ‘Psyche’ is a symbol of love and a goddess of the soul. Psyche, a wife of Eros, proves her true love for her husband to Aphrodite by accomplishing all her difficult tasks. Thus, butterflies in the jewelry creation contemplate the design more than an ornamental enhancement due to the strong belief linked to it.

Butterfly Creations contemplate as a comeback in the year 2015, as the oldest butterfly jewelry is from the period of the 2nd century BC. The well-known butterfly neck piece is a Hellenistic necklace and showcased at the Walters Art Museum located in Baltimore, USA.

fly ring

In the Victorian era, the jewelry artist that designs jewelry motifs includes insects like wasps and bees along with beetles. They too give importance to butterflies that allow them to show their artistic skills.



bees ring

The period of 1890 to 1915 regarded as the Art Nouveau period subsume the beauty of Mother Nature in the artistic designs of the jewelry. Jewelry lovers who wish to be close to the nature as well as like the creativity admire the natural world in their jewelry collection.

In the Art Nuveau period, the presence of the butterflies associated with a particular belief can be noticed in the garden of nature’s inspired designs.

The best example of butterfly jewelry is the Tahitian pearl necklace of the YOKO London that magnetizes the jewelry lovers to crave ardently to feel the beauty of the necklace on their necks. Further, it wears the crown of the delightful butterfly motif of the year.

Yoko London Pearl Necklace

To match the charismatic appeal of the necklace can either be worn on its own for its singular charm or with perfectly matched diamond or gray pearl earrings.

Tahitian Pearl Earrings Yoko London

Tahitian Pearl Earrings Yoko London


From some magnificent examples of the butterfly, jewelry designs one alluring example that catches the attention of the jewel lovers is Carrera y Carrera earring.

Carrera Y Carrera Diamonds Earrings

Carrera Y Carrera Diamonds Earrings


Butterflies crafted in white gold with onyx makes it a charismatic jewel to wear while beautiful butterflies hold the attention of the jewelry lovers in the ring set fabricated with pink sapphires and diamond combination.

carrera y carrera ring

Carrera Y Carrera Diamond Ring


In the new collection of the Gucci jewelry that was shown at the baselworld this year, proudly showcase the beauty of the butterflies in their flora collection. Gucci furthermore uses its iconic horse bit motif too with the fabrication of butterfly bangles and rings.

Gucci Butterfly Bangles

Gucci Butterfly Bangles


Gucci Red Pink Buttefly Ring

Gucci Red Pink Buttefly Ring

The alluring and the magnetizing combination of the iconic motif as well as a butterfly in the jewelry designs makes the jewelry perfect summer accessories to wear.

The most alluring and eye-catching 512 carat diamond necklace fabricated by the Gucci is carved out in the butterfly, heart and flower shape.

Gucci Butterfly Necklace

Gucci Butterfly Necklace

Jacob & Co. a famous U.S based jewelry house too launches the Papillon jewelry collection at baselworld inspired by the charismatic nature. The combination of different colors in the jewelry collection inspired the designers to showcase the love of colors on the wings of the butterflies.

So, inspired them to craft the butterflies designs in their nature-based collection, they use pink tourmaline and diamond in earrings as well as diamond ring. Now to enhance the beauty of the butterfly antennae designers use charming yellow diamond for gaining the attention of the jewelry lovers.

Jacob And Co Earrings With White And Pink Diamonds

Jacob And Co. Earrings With White And Pink Diamonds


Jacob and Co White Gold  Ring Yellow Diamonds

Jacob and Co. White Gold  Ring Yellow Diamonds


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